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You can have fair skin too!

Are you always struggling to get fairer but it just seems so difficult to achieve? No worries, it’s not the end of the world. It seems like a trend to consume glutathione supplement for skin whitening.  In fact, glutathione also helps to detoxify our cells, removing toxins and free radicals that are damaging our skin cells.

We might have overlooked certain important steps that are harming our complexion. Dark spots and pigmentation, acne and pimples, signs of ageing or even dull complexion are the reasons when we did not take extra care of our skin. If you want a glowing skin, here are a few tips you should look into.

Time to take SPF seriously

You’ll have to start believing in the greatness of sunscreen to protect yourself from the merciless ultraviolet rays. It’s an alternative way to skin whitening and anti-aging. If you were to apply sunscreen, opt for the broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to protect your skin from UVA and UVB. They are the culprits behind sunspots and rapid skin ageing.

Your smartphone is dirtier than you think

Do you get pimples or rashes on the side of your cheek? If you spend a lot of time with the phone smushed up against your face, you can cause some serious facial effects! We wash our hands, but do we wash our phones? The germs and bacteria are ubiquitous, you wouldn’t know if they land on your smartphone. Just be mindful, sanitise your smartphone with antibacterial wipes or alcohol pads on the surface of the phone every time you chat away!

Be patient with new products

Whether you intend to try new skin whitening or anti-aging supplements, do not expect rapid and dramatic results in a short time, especially consuming glutathione. What you can expect from glutathione supplements are improved skin pigmentation and better health body system. Once you start with a product, use it every other day before calling it quits.

Disinfect your makeup brushes

Swiping bacteria-infested makeup brushes on your face can lead to a breakout galore! Those filthy makeup brushes and sponges will trigger your skin with skin eruptions and rashes. All your holy grail skincare products mean nothing if you keep slapping your face with dirty brushes.

Boost your glutathione level

Maintaining a fair skin is about cleaning the outside as well as inside. If you want a fairer and lighter skin tone, eat the food that can increase your glutathione levels such as avocado, asparagus, turmeric and milk thistle.

Alternatively, why not consider about taking glutathione supplements? Yearning to have fair skin might sound like a far-away dream that is hard to achieve. Not at all, we have just the right glutathione supplement with the benefit of skin whitening. What’s better than Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg? Relish the beauty privilege of getting the whiter skin from glutathione supplement, where it can reverse the tone of skin to the lightest and fairest! Take one capsule every day, be extra patient and you’ll be able to see the results normally within two to six months. Start your skin whitening routine today!

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