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What you need to fight body odour

It’s not unusual for people to sweat, but what makes it unpleasant is the body odour that comes with sweating.

Although not everyone has body odour, people who regularly eat spicy food, those who are obese, suffering from certain medical conditions and those that do not practice good hygiene can suffer from body odour. Personal care should be one of your top priorities if you want to look and feel good about yourself. Have perfect skin, maintain your natural beauty, as well as prevent body odour by following our tips below!

Cleanse during your shower

Water alone is not enough to clean out the bacteria that have accumulated in your underarms. You can use a cleanser – an oil cleanser is the suggested product for a thorough wash out of deodorant and lotions build up!

Use anti-bacterial soap

After cleaning and moisturizing your underarms with your cleanser, use anti-bacterial soap to kill bacteria in preventing body odour

Apply natural deodorant

Although you may have already cleansed and moisturized your underarms, you will still need to apply a natural deodorant that can protect your underarms as you make it through the day. Total Image Smelly-No-More Deodorant Spray is a natural and water-based deodorant made from pure and natural mineral salts. This skin care product is not only good for eliminating body odour, but it is also a great skin bleaching remedy as it prevents skin darkening and doesn’t stain your clothing!


Choose your clothes wisely

Another reason why you may be suffering from body odour is that you wear clothes that are too tight! Switch to a more breathable clothing where there is enough space for your underarms to breathe – preventing the accumulation of bacteria in this sensitive area.

Change your diet

As we mentioned earlier, people who eat spicy food are more likely to have body odour due to the ingredients of this type of food. According to research, strong-smelling foods like curry and garlic can go through your pores and cause body odour. You can cut down on eating these foods for about a week or two and see if changing your diet is necessary to reduce body odour.

Keep your underarms hairless

Bacteria grow faster in the presence of hair because it makes your underarm more prone to sweat which attracts boddy odour. Keep your underarms hair free to minimize this and maintain fresh, clean feeling all throughout!



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