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What can Apple Stem Cell do to your skin?

Everyday stress, pollution and dirt can take away your dreams of having beautiful, perfect skin. But did you know that when you include taking Apple Stem Cell drink in your beauty skin care routine, you can combat these stressors and enjoy having healthy, gorgeous skin?

Continue reading as we share with you how Apple Stem Cell can help not just in skin whitening, but also as an effective natural skin care product!

Repairs skin’s stem cells

Stem Cells contain growth factors which take part in collagen production, cell division and growth of new cells. When your skin’s stem cells break, they are not able to do any of these things. But with Apple Stem Cell that’s produced using Swiss apple, it repairs your skin’s stem cell, helping them maintain healthy and productive.

Promotes smoother, softer skin

With the help of Salmon & Silk Peptide that is present in Apple Stem Cell, the moisture on your skin is boosted – helping it become smooth and soft. It’s like having baby-soft skin just like when you were young and dealing with less stress!

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Apple Stem Cell is also considered as an anti-aging supplement as it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, making you look younger and more beautiful.

Makes skin fairer and more radiant

Just as Salmon & Silk Peptide help promote smoother, softer skin, these two along with the Acerola extract help skin become whiter and more radiant.

Stem cell products are considered not just a beauty supplement but also a health supplement because of the vitamins and minerals that are found in them. See? It does not only help you maintain younger-looking but healthier skin too! So take one bottle of Total Image Apple Stem Cell drink before breakfast and do it every other day and see how your skin will transform to become more beautiful, supple and healthy-looking!

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