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For those who are searching for a product that gives a whitening effect on your skin, here’s a recommendation for you. The product is called Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg by Total Image. I know a lot of people wouldn’t dare to try out a new product, but Total Image has been in the market for more than 30 years and has several beauty, slimmy and personal care products that will interest you. Plus, Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg has been clinically proven to lighten skin and registered and approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health to be safe for consumption.

Talk about Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg itself, you probably haven’t heard of it ever because it is actually still new in the market and has officially launched by this year. I got this opportunity to try out this product and I’ve consumed it in 2 months now. I can say my skin is improving from time to time as it is now look more whiter than before. No kidding! As recommended, I took one capsule each day to achieve that fairer skin. For faster results, you can even take 2 capsules. Did I mention the source of this product is from Japan? Yupp! And don’t worry, Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg do have the Halal Certificate.

Screen capture from Total Image website

Looking at the picture above, I know the price might seems a little bit pricy for some people but in the end, with Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg, you can soon get a whiter, fairer, and flawless skin that glows with radiance. So basically, you don’t have to worry that much as you skin condition will improve after few months. Also, they are now running Buy 2 Free 1 Promotion! The redemption form is inside the box which you need to fill up, attach with receipt(s) and barcodes and mail them to Total Image. The free 1 bottle worth Rm128 will be delivered to your address. Worth it! Below is my pictures, before and after taking Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg:

This is my wayyy back picture before taking Total Whita Glo L-Glutathione.
Yes I know, not glowy at all with that dark and dry skin all over -_-

After consume Total Whita Glo L-Glutathione.

Previously, you can purchase this product on their website, just simply click the link provided below. But hey great news! Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg is now available in Guardian, Watson, Caring, Vitacare, and other independent pharmacies nationwide! For those who hate shop online, it is more convenient for you now, right?

This is how the capsule looks like.

Expired date

Information about Whita Glo L-Glutathione 400mg


Where to buy:

Also available at:

  • Watson
  • Guardian
  • Caring
  • Vitacare
  • Other independent pharmacies nationwide

*these product have been send out to me for a review purposes. all review above are based on my own opinion and may be differ from others.


  1. Anas Roshan says:

    Im interested… is this available in saudi arabia?
    Please do contact through whatsapp o call+966536832733

    1. Mei Mei says:

      Hi Anas Roshan, sorry to inform that there is no distributor in Saudi Arabia and we do not ship internationally.

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