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Total Image Collagen Supplement Celebrates its 24th Anniversary

Total Image has been one of the firsts to introduce collagen supplements into the Malaysian market. It has been twenty four years since Total Image Collagen was launched, helping both men and women get beautiful, younger, and firmer skin day by day.

To celebrate this success, Total Image releases a special edition 24th Anniversary Pack with 24 tablets at only RM25.45. This is a saving of RM28 from the Total Image Collagen 20 tablets pack.

Here are two main reasons why you should take advantage of this special offer:


#1: Total Image Collagen Supplement is better than beauty products

Collagen makes up 30% of our body’s protein and 70% of our skin. Collagen is very important to help maintain the youthfulness and firmness of our skin. But as we age, Collagen depletes from the body, causing signs of aging such as wrinkles, saggy skin, eye bags and dry skin.

There are many external beauty products that claim to promote skin rejuvenation that are effective and good but these products are mainly made from chemicals. On the other hand, Total Image Collagen supplement is a natural beauty product made from natural and pure Hydrolyzed Collagen which has smaller molecules for faster absorption and quicker results. This anti-aging supplement has no preservatives and other chemical ingredients and is certified HALAL by the Islamic Services of America. With Total Image Collagen supplement, skin becomes younger looking, firmer, smoother, softer and radiant.

#2: Total Image Collagen Supplement makes not only your skin firmer, but takes care of your nails, hair and joints too!

Besides being an anti-aging supplement, Total Image Collagen supplements can also strengthen your hair and nails. Hair will look healthier with less breakage, thinning and drying while nails will be stronger with less breakage. Total Image collagen products can also improve joint function and mobility. Following the success of Total Image Collagen (pink packaging), the company also introduced Total Image Collagen Plus (orange packaging) which is added with Vitamin C and E to help stimulate the body’s collagen production and strengthen the body’s immune system to protect skin cells against free radical damage.

Celebrate Total Image Collagen’s 24th Anniversary today and enjoy the special edition Collagen 24th Anniversary Pack which is available for a limited time only. Cheers to the youthful and beautiful you!

For more information and Total Image Collagen 24th Anniversary pack purchases, click here.

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