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Scared of getting old? These 3 skin care products are the best anti-aging supplements

Both men and women are fearful of getting old nowadays because of how the media promote ideal looks of beauty through beautiful celebrities and models. Most people are afraid to have white hair, brittle bones, poor immune system, age spots, wrinkles and saggy skin. Unfortunately, ageing is a natural process for all humans. Getting older cannot be stopped but having ageing skin problems can be prevented or treated with the use of skin care products or beauty supplements.

Preventing Ageing with Total Image Collagen Plus

Most skin care experts advise people to take anti-aging supplements while it is still early. Collagen supplements are known as good anti-aging supplements. It is proven to work on firming delicate skin areas and at the same time help strengthen nails and hair too. Total Image Collagen Plus is one of the best offered anti-aging supplements in Malaysia. Clinical studies claimed that people who take Collagen Plus saw 50% reduction in wrinkles, 60% increase in the skin’s firmness, and 45% more moisturized skin and overall improvement in the skin’s texture, plus thicker and stronger hair and nails. Collagen itself is already useful in making sure our tissues, tendons and bones are protected as it is commonly referred to as the “glue” that keeps our body intact. Another unique benefit of Total Image Collagen Plus is that the collagen they used is of high quality and is hydrolyzed for easy absorption and faster effects. Total Image Collagen Plus is added with Vitamin C and E to ensure the effects of having a more radiant and smooth skin while protecting the skin from further damage by free radicals.

Reversing Age with Total Image Sheep Placenta

Time can be reversed as claimed by Total Image Sheep Placenta. This is the anti-aging supplement that can resolve wrinkles, dull, and saggy skin already acquired for both men and women. Sheep placenta was used as a medicine to promote general health and vitality by the British Royal Family for over 1400 years and it is proven safe and effective. Sheep Placenta revives the skin cells and helps bring back the natural glow and elasticity of the skin and at the same time invigorates the body’s energy levels in just one capsule a day. Combined with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Evening Primrose extract, Total Image Sheep Placenta toughens the immune system and helps the body feel more fit and agile day by day.

Maintaining an Age of Healthy Skin with Total Image Apple Stem Cell Drink

Stem cell anti-aging products are not that popular yet in Asian countries due to a very long process of rigorous research required to create them. Total Image, being the top natural beauty product provider in Malaysia, is able to produce the Apple Stem Cell Drink mixed with salmon and silk peptide for anti-aging. This drink works inside-out to boost and maintain the skin’s glow and fair complexion and provide extra hydration and moisture to the skin. It speeds up the growth of skin tissues and helps to erase and prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Consumption of this anti-aging product will help maintain the healthiness of the skin cells and promote skin rejuvenation daily.

Ageing should not be feared. There are a lot of skin care products developed to improve skin while people strive to be healthy and watch out for harmful products and pollution. Young or old, there are already anti-aging supplements and products to help keep the skin looking healthy and radiant it all depends whether a person wants to start preventing the early signs of ageing, reversing ageing through cell repair or maintaining his or her current skin health.

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2 thoughts on “Scared of getting old? These 3 skin care products are the best anti-aging supplements

  1. Wendy Lim says:

    Hi, I’m Wendy Lim. I’m a breastfeeding mother. Can I consume the sheep placenta

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Although the product is safe, we advice that you consult your doctor to ensure that your body is stable and healthy before consuming supplements, especially during the first 6 months of breastfeeding.

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