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Top 5 Reasons to Take Beauty Supplements

Beauty is often on the top of the list of qualities both men and women look for in the opposite gender. Undergoing aesthetic surgery, using skin care products, and taking beauty supplements are proofs of this requirement not only to gratify the judgement of others but also to help gain extra confidence in one’s self. Here are the top 5 reasons why one should really take beauty supplements:

1. No harm in beauty supplements, just benefits 

Natural beauty supplements are best compared to synthetic ones. Total Image collagen supplements are good examples of this. They help to make the skin look younger, firmer and radiant while providing extra benefits such as making the hair and nails stronger.

2. Beauty supplements for your beauty problem

What’s good about beauty supplements is that, one can look for a specific supplement to help target and solve a particular beauty problem (ageing, dark skin, flabby arms, bear belly, etc.). Take for example, weight gain— there are a lot of slimming products available in Malaysia for purchase to help solve this problem today. Total Image offers S Body, another natural slimming and beauty supplement that burns specific fatty areas in the body and improves the digestive system to help men and women achieve a slimmer and lighter body. For dark skin beauty problems, Total Image introduced Whita Glo L-Glutathione as a contender for the numerous whitening products in Malaysia. It inhibits melanin production which causes dark skin and provides a glowing skin when taken regularly.

3. No need for expensive surgery with beauty supplements

Removing wrinkles, saggy skin, fats, and scars via surgery often costs too much. The results may be immediate but the process may have side effects. This is why beauty companies invented anti-ageing supplements to prevent ageing and combat the symptoms. Taking these supplements maybe for the long run but the results are immediate, more holistic and absorbed by the body effectively and naturally. Total Image Collagen Plus and Sheep Placenta are two effective and natural beauty and anti-ageing supplements that only cost RM128 and RM130 and are already good for a month’s use.

 4. Beauty supplements are available everywhere

Distributors of beauty supplements such as drug stores, pharmacies, and health stores are widely spread in the country. They can be in the nearest mall or branch near you. Total Image Xlim DuTox and Xlim Tummy are widely available in all Watsons pharmacies along with other choices of detox products in Malaysia and other beauty products too.


5. Easily visible results in just a few months of beauty supplements use

Beauty supplements are hassle-free. Usually, these natural beauty supplements are taken only once before or after a meal. Regular exercises, proper diet, and living a healthy lifestyle is recommended for faster results. No need to stress too much as these beauty supplements do the extra work inside your body. Some can even be consumed easier via a drink, such as Total Image Fastloss Drink, Collagen Drink, Beauty Dutox Tea, and Apple Stem Cell Drink.

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