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Top 3 Benefits of Collagen Plus

Collagen is about 25-30% of the total protein content in our body. This means that Collagen holds our body together as a strong connective tissue. When collagen depletes, people suffer from wrinkles, sagging skin, eye bags, weak hair, less flexible and stiff joints, brittle nails, dull and dry skin. And these are the main skin problems that collagen products in Malaysia try to solve.

Total Image Malaysia offers their version of collagen supplement to provide a solution to these problems. Total Image Collagen Plus can pass as both a beauty supplement and anti-ageing supplement since it contains numerous benefits for both the skin and for overall health. Here are the top 3 benefits of Collagen Plus:

1. Collagen Plus can help firm delicate skin areas

The key benefit and selling point of Total Image Collagen Plus is fighting and preventing ageing. Made from Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen, a 50% reduction in wrinkles and 60% increase in firmness of the skin are expected as a result of taking this product regularly. register domain name Delicate skin areas such as the skin around the eyes, cheeks, lips, and neck are repaired internally with natural collagen protein instead of treating skin externally which may trigger sensitive skin due to harmful and toxic ingredients.

2. Skin becomes more radiant and smooth with Collagen Plus

Compared to commercial skin care products and other collagen supplements, Total Image Collagen Plus also contains Vitamin C and E which helps in the formation of collagen and protecting the skin cells against harmful free radicals. These healthy vitamins make skin look healthier and radiant.

3. Stronger nails and hair with Collagen Plus

Our nails and hair also contain collagen protein. This means that as Total Image Collagen Plus penetrates the skin, our nails and hair also benefit from its regeneration and repair of depleting collagen proteins. Not only does your skin look glowing and your health improving, but also brittle nails and weak hair is strengthened.

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