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Tips to keep body odour at bay


Body odour may be influenced by a myriad of diseases but stirring away from medical issues, other factors such as food, hygienic practices, dirt and many more can also cause the stinky smell.

Luckily there are solutions to maintain your natural beauty and help solve body odour problems. We have listed these helpful tips for you so read on as we share with you how you to keep foul odour at bay!

Wear fresh, clean clothes

Wearing fresh, clean clothes can get you a good start for smelling good in a day. Airy clothes are also helpful because of the soft fabric which doesn’t stick on your skin. You may also want to avoid repeating shirts without washing them.

Pay attention to how you wash your clothes

We’re pretty sure that you don’t wash your clothes with just water. But another useful tip would be to rinse them with a fabric conditioner that would help clothes smell fresh longer. This way, it can lighten body odour and somehow prevent other people from noticing the foul smell.

Make your favourite scent last longer

Many of us are guilty of using our favourite scents too much to combat body odour. But a sad fact is that no matter how much we want it to last throughout the day, sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. So what you can do is to layer it with a body wash that has a similar scent. Use the body wash when you shower then apply lotion and after, spray on your favourite scent. You’d be surprise how much longer it will last through the day.

Bring with you a handy face towel

A handy face towel or wet wipes can do wonders when you’re stuck in traffic with a humid weather. You can easily rub off sweat and dirt from your face, neck, etc. – which can instantly refresh you. This helps prevent sweat and the accumulation of bacteria which causes body odour. This can also work wonders for your perfect skin by cleaning out dirt which your face has accumulated.

Use a natural deodorant

It is not enough that you shower at least once a day. The use of a natural deodorant is vital if you want to completely get rid of body odour. The Total Image Smelly-No-More Deodorant Spray has natural mineral salts which help prohibit bacterial growth. It doesn’t only keep you fresh but it’s also considered a beauty skin care product which doesn’t darken the skin. It can also be used in other areas such as neck, behind the knees and feet.

Keep your confidence up and your natural beauty in tact as you stay fresh all day, every day when you follow these tips!

3 thoughts on “Tips to keep body odour at bay

  1. Tan says:

    After applying SOM at underarms, is it okay to apply another layer of antiperspirant? I presume SOM is not an antiperspirant.

    1. Mei Mei says:

      You mean Smelly No More? Yea, it is ok.

      1. Tan says:

        Thank you Mei Mei.

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