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All the things you need to know about hyperhidrosis

Do you persistently get sweaty armpits, hands, nape, and feet? It could be diagnosed as hyperhidrosis if it occurs too frequently. Sweating is natural. It happens when our body system cools down and releases moisture on our skin pores, but excessive sweating is not.

To help you know more about this condition, we have listed the most important things you need to know about hyperhidrosis:


Facts about hyperhidrosis

Research says that about 211 million people around the world suffer from hyperhidrosis and all of these cases may have different body part problems of excessive sweating. It can be a bother especially when it causes body odour or unwanted stains in your clothes. Usually, sweating does not exude the bad smell but the bacteria growth. Sometimes, if the bacteria growth is not treated immediately, it can cause irritations on the skin.


Causes of hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis can be caused by a number of factors but the most common is when a person is in a hot or humid environment. Perspiration starts to occur when our body tries to adjust to the environment. Usually perspiration or sweating is okay, but when it causes your shoes to get soaking wet, your table and papers to get wet, or even when your clothes to look damp,  it is already considered as hyperhidrosis. Other causes are stress, emotions, and the food and drinks that we consume no matter how healthy one is or not.


Treatment of hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating can be treated by prescription oral medicines, laser treatments, Botox, and skin surgery.  But these treatments usually cost too much and require a lot of discipline to maintain and follow scheduled sessions. The most common and least expensive way to reduce sweat is through the use of an antiperspirant. They may come in liquid, stick, or spray format but all of them help musk body odour and stop perspiration for a number of hours.


We recommend using a natural deodorant rather than the common antiperspirants. Most commercial antiperspirants contain harsh ingredients that may cause irritations on the skin such as preservatives, fragrance, and alcohol. Total Image Malaysia has produced one of the best solutions to eliminate odour and prevent bacteria growth with its Smelly-No-More natural crystal deodorant. It helps one feel fresh all day and it is 300% more effective than other regular deodorants because it is an anti-bacterial deodorant. It is also hypo-allergenic and safe for all skin types.

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