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The 5 best breakfast foods for fat loss

Have you been skipping breakfast just so you can lose belly fat? Then you are probably doing it wrong! Eating the right food in the morning will keep you fuelled up throughout the day and can actually help you lose weight!

We have listed 5 breakfast food you are sure to love because they are not just yummy, but are also good for fat loss! So read on and list them down because after you discover how these can help you lose weight, we’re sure you’ll include them on your next grocery trip!


Scrambled, sunny side up, boiled, whichever way you like them, eggs are healthy! They have amino acids, omega-3s and protein that are all essential in fat loss and building lean muscles.


Greek yogurts are tasty enough to make you think they are sinful but no worries because they are high in protein and low in sugar. Top those off with fresh Berries that have “zero belly” properties.


Find a flavour you like and you will never go wrong with protein shake because it is indulgent and at the same time increases blood flow to muscles and replenishes your energy.

Quality whey protein shake will help you improve your athletic performance and weight maintenance.


Pancakes are good food for fat loss; just don’t buy those that are premade white flour-based mixes. Always choose brands that contain high protein blends and they’re good to go in your grocery cart!


Unlike rolled oats, steel cut oats have more fibre and protein because you are eating more of the original grain. The measurement to know how much a person’s blood sugar will increase after eating is lower with steel cut oats because it is coarsely chopped.


Add some fruits and nuts and this might be your favourite fat burner meal!

Remember that fat loss is impossible to happen if you skimp on breakfast. You need the morning meal to fuel up your metabolism and not eating breakfast will only cause you to snack on whatever’s available, whether healthy or not.

You can read a lot of diet tips everywhere but make sure that you follow those that promote a balanced healthy diet. Because not only will it benefit your body but it will also give your complexion a healthy glow leaving you with perfect skin.

It is best to accompany eating healthy with exercise to achieve faster results than trying to lose weight without exercise. Slimming products are perfect fat loss partners too; just make sure you get the best slimming products which are those that have natural formula like Total Image Fastloss Drink and Total Image S Body. Both can be considered as natural detox because of the vitamins and minerals they contain. Drink Total Image Fastloss Drink 30 minutes after breakfast to achieve that slender image. Or take 2 capsules of Total Image S Body after lunch that targets problem areas like flabby arms and thighs and say hello to a healthier body in no time!

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