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Take collagen benefits for youthful skin

Ever felt your skin is losing its suppleness and the fine lines are more visible, that’s probably because we are losing the collagen production in the body as we age. It’s undeniable that collagen is the major protein of the human body to maintain skin’s elasticity. If we can’t turn back in time, we can slow down the clock in minimising the damage to our skin. The collagen benefits are certainly crucial to maintain a youthful appearance. Do check out some tips from us!

Establish a daily face care routine

It’s not always easy to find out what’s right for your skin, with the various choices of beauty skin care in the market. Experts suggest consumers stick with the basics including facial wash, moisturiser, sunscreen for the day and a gentle exfoliator. The basic skin care is a pivotal supplement for skin to maintain a young and glowing skin.

Start eating clean today

Collagen benefits are uncountable, especially to retain a youthful appearance. Salmon, almonds and flaxseed – rich in Omega 3, are important sources of collagen for skin. These foods contain ‘good fats’ aids to boost hydration for a supple complexion. On the plus side, the food intake of green vegetables and berries are good anti-aging supplements to achieve a young and perfect skin.

Be UV-obsessed

Did you know every ten minutes of daily exposure to the sun can lose the collagen from our body, eventually leading to unwanted sunspots and wrinkles? Therefore, nothing matters more than applying sunscreen daily as a skin whitening regime. If you want a smooth and perfect skin, be sure to apply sunscreen religiously before heading out!

Learn to relax

If you’re constantly feeling stress, you are likely to lose the collagen from your body that speeds up acne and facial redness. Since collagen benefits help to improve the skin texture, we ought to learn stress management to achieve a silky smooth skin – a deep breathing exercise can be helpful to alleviate anxiety.

Consume collagen supplements

Start your beauty skin care regime today if you want a perfect skin, take Total Image Collagen Plus as an anti-aging supplement from collagen benefits.  Make a habit in consuming Total Image Collagen Plus, remember to drink at least eight glasses of water every day for better results.

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