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Not your typical supplement for skin: Apple Stem Cell Drink

As we age, our perfect skin characteristics diminish due to stress, the food that we eat, environmental factors, lifestyle, and the natural ageing process. Our skin becomes more prone to irritations and acne breakouts because skin cell regeneration becomes slower and gets affected by the internal and external factors of our daily lives. And this is why most people start to take supplements for skin as they get older.


Natural skin care is still the best policy to keep the skin healthy and looking good.

The idea of having a beauty skin care routine helps both man and woman to feel complacent that they are doing something to protect or prevent ageing. But sometimes the skin care product or health supplements they use are harmful, not effective, or not compatible. Natural skin care is still the best policy to keep the skin healthy and looking good. Stem cell products are well known to be a good booster for skin cell regeneration, and combining it with other natural ingredients can even boost health and its effectiveness as a supplement for skin compared to adding chemical ingredients.

Total Image Apple Stem Cell drink is one good example. It is not your typical supplement for skin as it is also combined with natural elements such as Salmon Roe Peptide and Silk Peptide to boost moisture retention and help lighten the skin complexion. This apple stem cell drink not only focuses on its anti-ageing properties but also in improvement of skin texture and health.

The fact that this supplement for skin activates dormant cells, inhibits tyrosinase, and maintains the lifespan of healthy skin cells contributes to the wide range of its benefits both for skin and health. It also promotes anti-oxidation in the body and tissue growth. All of these benefits help eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and protects skin cells to prevent blemishes and dull skin.


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