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3 Steps to Visible Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is a process or habit of making the skin look and feel young again. This may either be renewing the skin for a fresh new start or restoring the skin to its youthful condition. Skin rejuvenation often takes a while to be successfully achieved due to the skin’s natural healing process. If skin rejuvenation is rushed (mostly because of surgery, skin peels, and lasers) there might be consequences and side effects such as skin irritations, hypersensitivity of skin, or even effects on one’s health.

Here is our 3-step recommendation to be able to holistically achieve skin rejuvenation that is safe and promote your natural beauty:


STEP 1: Eat and live healthy

They say mastering a healthy lifestyle not only makes you feel good inside, but also on the outside. What you eat, is usually reflected on your skin. If you eat unhealthily, smoke regularly, drink alcohol frequently, and follow a sedentary routine for a long time, your body system will react and adjust accordingly and some of it will take effect on your skin too. The best and basic beauty tips are already well-known such as: regularly eating fruits and vegetables, keeping your body active either through regular exercise or partaking in sports habitually.


STEP 2: Use skin care products and create your own daily regimen

The most basic skin care regimen is to cleanse-tone-moisturise. Some people may require more than three steps, and some countries (like Korea) even have a 10-step skin care routine. This skin care regimen will help one to improve the texture and protect the skin externally. Better use skin care products that are natural or are free of parabens, fragrance, alcohol, and other preservatives.


STEP 3: Boost skin rejuvenation with anti-aging supplements

Taking care of the skin internally means to take supplements for the body. These can help in boosting the skin rejuvenation process and provide extra nutrients for the body. There are many types of supplements that aid in skin rejuvenation such as collagen and sheep placenta.  Both of them improve both the skin texture and help restore the youthfulness by making the skin glow and exude radiance. Total Image Malaysia is one of the pioneers for these anti-aging supplements and they also have Collagen Plus and collagen drink to offer to help remove wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and keep skin supple and radiant.

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