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Slimming products in Malaysia: Your diet’s confidant

Balanced diet and exercise has always been the recommendation of nutritionists and physical trainers to help a person in his or her weight loss. This regimen is proven effective and healthy but it takes months and even years to get to one’s target weight. Innovation has worked its way today to help make things easier in life just like slimming pills. It makes losing weight easier, less painful, and affordable all in one.

Slimming products in Malaysia have been very popular nowadays. Most of these products are placed in the market as beauty supplements to aid not only weight loss but also overall health. Total Image S Body and Fastloss Drink are unique slimming products in Malaysia because it acts as a perfect complement to one’s diet foods and regular exercise, resulting in a faster & more effective weight loss.

Including slimming products from Malaysia in your diet and exercise

Total Image S Body acts as a fat burner. It helps to target stubborn fatty deposits in the body such as flabby arms, double chin, bear belly, and bulky thighs. This slimming product in Malaysia will help lose inches off the body safely and healthily as it contains 15 types of herbal ingredients which have been approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health. S Body works by also blocking the sugar and carbohydrate fat conversion process and accelerates calorie burn which works very well when you eat healthy and do some workouts daily.

Total Image Fastloss Drink can help with overall body weight loss. This slimming drink is another of the slimming products in Malaysia that is also recommended to be taken with a balanced diet and regular exercise to maximize the effects and results. Fastloss Drink is a healthy botanical beverage formulated in France that promotes the science of fat blocking and carbohydrate blocking. It helps nourish the body with vitamins and minerals while shaping the buttocks, firming up the thighs & reducing the waistline for a total weight loss.

Total Image slimming products in Malaysia combined with balanced diet and regular exercise is the new revolutionary way to effectively lose weight fast. Starvation as part of diet is not advised while strenuous exercises are just optional. There is now a way to make things easier without the pain and hunger, why choose the hard way if you can get to your goal stress-free?

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S Body 60s

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7 thoughts on “Slimming products in Malaysia: Your diet’s confidant

  1. cookie says:

    I am 39 yrs old,Female,weighting of 73 kg and diabetes Type 2 patient , I need to lose weight . Is it safe if I take this one of this slimming product? Is there any side effect maybe ? Please reply soonest possible.TQ

    1. Total Image says:

      Are you on long term medication based on your condition? Total Image slimming products are registered and approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health to ensure that they are safe for consumption. However, if a customer is on long term prescribed medication, it is best to seek the consultation of his/her doctor first to ensure that slimming supplements can be taken with the prescribed medication.

  2. Yy says:

    there are so many types of slimming products . Which one should I purchase ?

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi Yy,
      If you have not tried slimming products before, we suggest that you start off by detoxing your body for 1 month. You can take Xlim Dutox for this purpose. Then, follow up with 3 months of slimming product such as S Body, Xlim Tummy or Fastloss Drink.
      If you’d like to slim down overall body weight while targeting stubborn fat spots, you can take S Body. Xlim Tummy targets specifically at bulging bellies. If capsules are not your thing, you can try Fastloss Drink for overall body weight loss.

  3. Yy says:

    thank you . Will follow ur plan .

  4. Tan says:

    Need some info

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi Tan,
      What info do you need? Please PM us at our Facebook:

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