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Sheep Placenta 101


Sheep Placenta History

Beauty secrets have long been used by both men and women until the present day. From the use of traditional beauty baths, to drinking potions, applying organic creams, observing strict diets, reflexology, and even the use of some mechanical apparatuses are all considered effective in history. One of the best kept secret for almost 1400 years already, is the usage of Sheep Placenta. It is often related to anti-aging and natural skin care that has demonstrated its safety & effectiveness. Even the British Royal Family used Sheep Placenta as a medicine to promote good health and provide everyday energy.


How Sheep Placenta Supplements Are Made

In New Zealand, sheep are specially raised in a closed colony and are strictly observed and maintained to ensure they grow healthy, safe and all-natural. Non-toxic extraction is then done and the sheep placenta is transported to USA laboratories for processing and blending it to frozen and dry hi-tech bioactive soft gels. Sheep placenta in Malaysia may differ slightly in terms of benefits and time of effectiveness, but Total Image guarantees that taking at least one soft gel daily will trigger the activation off dormant cells in the body and elevate collagen and elastin production.


Benefits of Sheep Placenta

Mainly focused as an anti-aging supplement, Total Image Sheep Placenta offers long term beauty effects and health maintenance for both men and women. It helps bring out the natural beauty through nutrients and invigorates the body’s energy levels. It also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid that acts as an antioxidant that is 400x stronger than Vitamin C and E combined, which helps restore damaged tissues and provide glowing skin too. The ingredient, Evening Primrose Oil is also a good supplement for skin as it is rich in essential fatty acids that promotes good health and helps improve acne, eczema, and even menstrual cramps and breast pains.

Total Image Sheep Placenta is one of the best skin care product in Malaysia. Awarded as the best by Watsons in the year 2012, its benefits are numerous and very helpful for the skin, bones, joints, immune system, mental, and physical wellness. It is also hormone-free, ISO, GMP & USDFA certified. Proven to be safe and such an amazing product to help reverse time, be at the best health, and get one’s youth back.

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