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Is this type of reaction familiar to you? Are you aware or not aware of what the heck is going on with people giving you reaction such as this?

Typically people give out reactions that is not obvious as this one (haha), but there is always a hint of discomforting reaction from them when these happen:

  • Your body odour seems to have surpassed your perfume more but you did not realise that
  • When you kick off your shoes from your feet
  • When you raise your arms and there are stains on your armpit area
  • When you are just sweating all overrr and smellsss. (much like point 1 anyways haha)

…. and many more.

I actually have one of the problems mentioned above, foot stench. Haha. I admit I could not take off my shoes in a closed environment or it will go out all the way~ >_>

Luckily for me, thanks to my fellow blogger friend Atiqah for bringing to my attention, I scored something that might be able to help my problem! :DDD



I would first like to thank Total Image for giving me the opportunity to splurge my thoughts on this product.!

What is Smelly-No-More Deodorant?

It is a 24-hour anti bacterial deodorant formulated from natural mineral crystal salt that fights body odour. It claims to be 300% more effective than commercial deodorant; it is also hypo-allergenic, alcohol free and non-sticky!

How to use it?

After your bath, you just wet the top surface of the stone with water and apply on affected areas i.e under arms, feets etc. Especially if you use cold water it gets ticklish hehe 😀 so I tried this thing for almost a month and more now.

And my verdict?

It did help my smelly feet become non-smelly! You are supposed to use it non-stop for 30 days, admitting I did forget a few times between those days, it did not affect the result at all! I tested it out with new shoes and even open footwear such as slippers, no smell I tell you even after my feet sweats 😀

You could also opt to use this product in place of the regular deodorant of which we do not know what the ingredients for our underarms – there are even possibility you could get dangerous diseases even if its through underarms so one has to be careful. SNM is not only natural, it also would not leave yellow stains on your clothes underarm so that is definitely a plus point as well 🙂

Size and cost?

It comes in two sizes – what you see here is a 60g size, which could be used up to 3-4 months, whereas the larger one that is of 120g could be used for up to 6-7 months all depending on your usage. RM16.90 and RM24.90 respectively, rather a good investment too considering the time period 😀

Interested to get one?

Check out your nearest Guardian, Watsons or any other local pharmacies! I already saw these babies even in Miri, so no excuse if you are living in a larger city than I am :p

Also do check out Total Image on links as below:

Til next time blurbers!

*Disclaimer: I received the product reviewed from the company in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and may differ from yours.

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