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Hai Ladies!!! If you read in the newspaper Obesity is a big problem now in Malaysia. . Living in Malaysia, we are blessed with an abundance of delicious foods, especially Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. Not Easy for us include me to refuse to enjoy the delightful foods.OMG what should we do to rid of our devil fats?


Did you remember one of my wishes for this 2014? Weight Loss? Yup ,that’s right!!! Guess what?? The end of January I received a gift from a Santa. Wow A Santa?

Yup, the Santa full fill my wish and she send me a precious and meaningful gift. So, I want to share it with you guys.

Tadaa Total Image Team send me 1 box of FastLoss drink for 1 month supply in a box of 22ml x 30 bottles that worth RM155. Now with new improved formula, you can lose a weight FAST with the enhanced ingredients!!! Formulated in France, it incorporates the combination of two unique weight-loss sciences:
Science of fat blocking
Science of carbohydrate blocking

FastLoss Drink is Halal and 100% safe and suitable for men and women. It’s made from a blend of research supported botanical ingredients such as Brown Seaweed, Green Tea and Bitter Orange Extracts that help to:

  • Increase metabolism to burn calories and reduce fat.
  • Block sugar from getting stored as fat.
  • Prolong the effect of fat burning.
  • Reduce appetite, while Nourish body with antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.


A Survey has conducted with 60 overweight women, people can lose 2.8kg within 2 months with 4-5cm size reduction around their thighs and buttocks just consumes one bottle of Fat Loss Drink with moderate dietary intake. For best result, adequate water intake (2-3 litres daily) and regular exercise (20-30 minutes daily) is recommended. You can still have your favourite Nasi Lemak and Roti canai without hardcore excersice !!


But If you practice Atkins Diet, you can reduce more weight with FastLoss Drink.

If you see the nutrition table below Fat Loss Drink. Is only 2.04g carbohydrate(carb) per 22ml serving. As you know, if you practice Atkins Diet , you can’t excess 20 carb per day.


From my experience , I have consumed FastLoss Drink for 1 month with practice Atkins Diet for a week, I lose 3.6 kg . :D. It’s a big achievement for the lazy girl like me who doesn’t exercise regularly. This is a good drink supplement that cuts out your appetite. I’m looking forward to continue my slimming journey with FastLoss Drink after I get a Job.

How it tastes? Ermmm yummy!!! It tastes like a lychee drink ,but a little bit sour. I always chill in the refrigerator before consuming it.

Currently , Total Image Fastloss Drink is having a BUY 2 FREE 1 promotion, until 31 March 2014. All you need to do is, collect the two boxes of Fastloss Drink’s barcodes and purchase receipt, then redeem 1 FREE box of Fastloss Drink!


10 lucky readers who answer the question below correctly will receive
ONE (1) week supply of Total Image Fastloss Drink (22ml x 7 bottles)

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2 unique weight loss sciences which are?”

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