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Reasons to worsen body odour

Living in a tropical country like Malaysia, you can never escape from the excessive sweat secreting out from your body, leaving you the stench of body odour. Particularly when the weather is mercilessly hot and the rooms are stuffy, you’ll start to sweat profusely and hence the body odour.

Here are a few things you need to look into to eliminate those unpleasant smell:

Shave your underarms

Sweating isn’t bad for you, it works as a natural detox. However, bacteria does feed on sweat hence the pungent smell of body odour starts spreading.  Unshaved underarms can cause excessive sweat as they create a damp environment for bacteria to grow. So be sure to shave on a regular basis to reduce body odour.

Sky-high stress level

Stress sweat is the hardest to control and gives off the foulest body odour. If you have trouble to cool down in stressful situations, it’s not just bad luck— your body releases the stink under pressure. Any sweat can cause body odour when there is excessive sweat from exercise or from heat as bacteria feeds off sweat. However, the smell of stress sweat comes on fast and strong.

Not washing your clothes regularly

If you’re often sweating excessively, don’t forget to change into washed clothes instead of wearing them again. Fresh clothes can help lower the body odour down. Plus, make sure to change your socks as well. Don’t embarrass yourself with your foot odour. Change insole frequent, use deodorant powers in the shoes or go barefoot if possible.

Now you know where those unpleasant smell is coming from, Total Image Smelly-No-More crystal deodorant is a natural deodorant, made of pure natural mineral salts to effectively get rid of strong body odour. It helps to stop the growth of bacteria at body areas such as feet, neck, underarms and behind the knees. This natural deodorant can be a good skin care product as it does not darken the skin. Add this crystal deodorant to your beauty skin care routine, you can always smell pleasant and it never ruins your perfect skin!

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