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3 Reasons to Try a Collagen Drink

There are many Collagen drinks in Malaysia, but most people still prefer to purchase skin care products, because it is not commonly used and advertised. Little did we know that collagen drinks are actually better in terms of supplementing our body with collagen protein as compared to external application or injection.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should try a collagen drink:


1. Collagen drinks are known to help slow down the aging process

The same as collagen supplements and anti-aging supplements the benefits of improving saggy and wrinkled skin to healthy and firm skin is also successfully provided by collagen drinks. We start to see indications of aging in as early as age 25, when collagen protein starts to deplete and the skin’s elasticity breaks down and moisture is not absorbed effectively which causes skin to get dull, dry, and show fine lines.

Taking collagen drink will help restore the loss of collagen protein and help both men and women obtain a more youthful & supple skin.  Collagen drink will help in maintaining the right amount of collagen in the skin when taken on a regular basis.


2. Collagen drinks can boost your natural beauty

What is natural beauty? Some may say that it is beauty without the enhancement of cosmetics or plastic surgery, or some say it is only “natural” if you achieve your beauty without doing anything at all.

How about beauty supplements? Can they be considered as part of natural beauty or does it depend on the ingredients used?

Whatever the definition of “natural beauty” is, we recommend taking a collagen drink. Not to say that your beauty is enhanced, but rather to boost that natural beauty from within with natural ingredients. Total Image Collagen Drink is created from a combination of Chinese herbs such as wolfberry and poria plus other natural ingredients such as blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and sunflower seed extracts that are known to provide minerals and vitamins and contribute in moisturizing, protecting, and re-energizing your skin.


3. Collagen in drinkable format provides faster and better effects

There are many types of supplements for the skin but only a few that are made in drinkable format. Collagen is naturally big in molecular weight which makes it difficult and takes long to be absorbed by the body. Total Image Collagen Drink extracted marine fish collagen protein into low molecular weight which makes it easier to absorb. Each bottle contains 5000mg of marine fish collagen. As a drink taken only every two days before bedtime, it is proven to be the most direct, safe, and effective way to look radiant and improve health and skin conditions.

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