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How to plan your detox diet like an expert

There have been many detox diet practices all over the internet and also as recommended by most beauty products sold and promoted around the world. There have been claims that detox diets are a myth because our body naturally cleanses out toxins. This is indeed true – for the natural cleansing part.  Speeding up and improving your body’s detoxification process for weight loss is another topic. Furthermore, with the burgeoning exposure to toxins caused by the environment, food and lifestyle, our body has to work harder to flush out toxins from the body.

Here is how you can plan your detox diet for weight loss like an expert:


Pick your type of detox diet

There are many types of detox diets to choose from and it all depends on how you want your diet foods to come together as you will focus on eating the same food for a certain amount of time.

The most common types are:

All-fruit detox diet: mostly citrus fruits. This detox diet should not exceed a week, but can be done once a month.

All-vegetable detox diet: salads and veggie shakes. This diet should not exceed a week too, but can be done once a month.

All-liquid detox diet: coffee, tea, fruit juices, vegetable juice, and protein shake.  This diet should not exceed two to three days.

Combination detox diets: combination of all the three detox diet types. Mostly fruit and vegetable food and liquids only. This diet can last for a long term.

Focus on consuming and using natural, organic products only to avoid adding more toxins in the body. Avoid red meat as much as possible.


Pick your detox diet duration

The minimum detox diet duration is one day. But it is much recommended if detoxification can be longer to ensure that all the toxins will be cleansed out and the body’s system will be revitalized.  People aiming to lose weight can choose between three-day detox, 1 week detox, 1 month detox, 3 months detox, and long-term detox (going organic).


Pick your detox diet boosters

There are many detox products in Malaysia that can help with your new healthy lifestyle detox diet. Beauty supplements such as Total Image Xlim Dutox can help detox most parts of the your body such as lungs, large intestines, liver, blood, etc. and restrict fat absorption while improving the whole immune system altogether too. There are slimming teas too that can boost the metabolism process and bring out one’s natural beauty too.

All of these could help one to lose weight faster through cleansing and is also a good preparation for other weight loss diets and slimming supplements.

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