Replenish Dehydrated & Dry Skin

Wishing for a radiant, smoother, plumpier and bouncier skin? Introducing Total Image newly launched product, Hydra Glow with patented Viqua® Pomegranate extract and collagen tripeptide is clinically proven to improve skin hydration and smoothness for more radiant and younger looking skin within 28 days.



Total Image Hydra Glow is recommended to adult aged 20 and above especially those with dry & dull skin since Hydra Glow is able to strengthen skin ability to lock in moisture and improves skin radiance. Owing to the exceptionally high antioxidants in Viqua® Pomegranate extract, Hydra Glow is also recommended to those who want to improve skin aging problems such as fine lines & wrinkles. Individuals who spend long hours in air-conditioned environments or constantly exposed to UV rays are also recommended to take Hydra Glow.

Total Image Hydra Glow is suitable for men & women and is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide retailing at RM108.00 for 30 sachets. Consume one sachet daily. For better results, 2 sachets are recommended. It is convenient to take; you can pour it directly into mouth or mix with 50ml of water.  It is best consume in the morning before meal and/or before bedtime. Generally, it is advisable to consume for at least 1-3 months for optimum result.

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