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Natural Slimming Products: Types, Formats & Benefits

Is there a definite measurement for both a man and woman’s body? Most people ask themselves this question when losing weight, losing confidence and thinking of purchasing dietary supplements. But most of these people also do not consider what the right weight is and what is healthy.

Always remember that thin is not fit and sexy, it either means that you are not healthy or you lack the daily nutrients the body needs. Which is why we always recommend the most effective slimming formula: regular exercise + healthy diet + natural slimming products = lose weight fast.

Why natural slimming products? Because these products provide extra nutrients from the plants, fruits, and herbs and they also improve your overall health, besides cleansing your body and shedding of weight.

There are many things to know about natural slimming products such as the types:

Home-made natural slimming products

These are the do-it-yourself detox drinks, diet plans, and scrubs. Mostly all made from fruits and vegetables, and calorie counting. What is good about these natural slimming products is that it easy to create and the taste can be adjusted depending on your preference of ingredients.

Commercial natural slimming products

There are so many formats under this specific type because of innovation and technology. But the main selling point for these products is that it should remain as natural as it can be— meaning, herbal and fruit extracts.

Here are some famous formats:


Lotions, creams, serums: these are the natural slimming products that are often included in weight loss tips because they can be used along with one’s active and healthy lifestyle. They only use organic ingredients that help promote fat loss in targeted parts of the body.



Drink: proven to be one of the most effective ways on how to lose fat as effectiveness is increased and ingredients and nutrients are broken down for faster absorption by the body.

Example: Total Image Fastloss Drink- blocks fat and carbohydrates while reducing the waistline size, firming the thighs and shaping the buttocks.

Tea: Teas from the very start are very good in fixing up the body’s metabolism because they’re rich in antioxidants. Slimming teas on the other hand, focus more on cleansing the body and burning fat.

Example: Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea- facilitates a good digestive system and flushes out toxins while improving skin and overall health.

Pills, tablets, capsules: This format is the most famous out of all the slimming products in Malaysia. With every pill taken daily for a long term, weight gain is prevented, fats are burned and nutrients are gained.

Example: Total Image Xlim Dutox and Total Image S Body – these two products are best combined to first detox or cleanse the body in preparation for slimming. Xlim Dutox helps release the toxins in the body and speed up fat burning. S Body drain away fats, help suppress appetite, and blocks transformation or carbohydrates and sugar into fat.

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