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Did you know that a natural deodorant is also a good skin care product?

Generally, we consider any product you apply to the skin a skin care product. No product is purposely made to harm the skin, only the ingredients of some products could be harmful in the long term. Although a deodorant’s main function is to suppress sweating, it is still considered as a skin care product mainly because you still apply it on your skin, may it be a liquid roll-on, stick, or spray type. But a deodorant can only be considered a good skin care product if it has many benefits for the skin.


A deodorant can only be considered a good skin care product if it has many benefits for the skin.

A natural deodorant like Total Image Smelly-No-More has many skin benefits mainly because it is made from pure and natural mineral salts. The ingredients are safe and effective compared to commercial deodorants that may contain harsh and toxic ingredients. It being a crystal deodorant means that it did not undergo the same process as the table salt which makes its natural minerals remain and active for eliminating the body odour and other skin benefits.
Total Image Smelly-No-More promotes natural beauty by being an effective natural deodorant that can be used by anyone. We discussed before that body odour is actually caused by the build-up of bacteria when people sweat and do not take appropriate hygiene actions instantaneously, which can also cause rashes and infection on the skin. This is where we can consider it as a good skin care product.
Total Image Smelly-No-More is one of the best in natural skin care products because it is alcohol and fragrance free. It is also safe for all types of skin since it is hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. This beauty skin care deodorant’s natural mineral salt also helps in making the skin soft and does not darken skin like other commercial deodorant does.



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