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Why is natural beauty underrated?

One of the famous quotes from Marilyn Monroe is A smile is the best make-up a girl could wear. With this quote, it is best to assume that she claims that natural beauty is best for most women and even men. But, how come when one famous celebrity posts a picture without make-up and they look very different by how we usually see them, people tend to judge?

Sometimes not having the perfect skin makes both the person insecure and the viewer critical of seeing blemishes, dark spots, acne, dry skin, etc. Even when a person wears too much make-up or there’s a sudden change in his or her appearance (due to cosmetic and plastic surgery) people would still judge. This is because Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder (said Plato).


Make-up, cosmetic and plastic surgery are not considered as natural beauty

Make-up and cosmetic and plastic surgery are not considered as natural beauty by most people because it disguises what has been given to you in the beginning. It makes you look very different because there’s a drastic change and people would not recognize you in an instant anymore. The same goes for beauty skin care products that are mostly made from chemical ingredients that actually affect your skin and health at the same time.

The solution lies on enhancing your natural beauty with natural skin care. This may come in various forms (i.e. health supplements or health drinks) that does not change your appearance extremely but rather improves it. Supplements for skin like Total Image Collagen and Collagen Plus improves the overall skin texture and moisture. Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione is also a natural skin care product that improves dark spots and lightens the complexion.

These products are all made from natural ingredients, tested safe and can enhance one’s natural beauty through the process of supplementing extra nutrients to your body daily in every drink or capsule you take. Sometimes, the cause of the skin looking dull, having pimple breakouts, scars, and dry skin is also on how people live an unhealthy lifestyle and being over exposed to the UVA rays of the sun and harmful radicals.

Generally, natural beauty is still in the eyes of the beholder, but it is our responsibility in taking good care or what we have been given and be your own kind of beautiful.



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