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How to mix and match dietary supplements

Most people dream of speeding up the weight loss and beauty enhancement process in order to achieve their ideal body figure quickly. Major and common reasons for this urgency would be preparation for summer, a.k.a. the “beach body”, or an occasion which pressurizes them to look good and radiating with natural beauty, such as weddings, parties, engagement, etc.).

People think that combining dietary supplements and health supplements at the same time is the best solution to the problem, but mixing some ingredients may cancel out the benefits of the other and even trigger negative reactions to your body, causing the improvement process to take longer.

The right way to combine dietary supplements is as recommended by Total Image Malaysia: detox first then slim down (i.e. the detox slim process). This eventually means that mixing two slimming pills together is a bad idea. Sticking to a detox diet for a long period of time would also contribute to a weight loss plateau. Detox and weight loss should be done together, one by one consecutively, instead.

Total Image Puri Cleanx and Sbody are a very good example of the right combination of dietary supplements. Combine the power of Garcinia Cambogia extract from Puri Cleanx to help cleanse the body system and optimize weight loss efforts with a healthier body, along with the effective fat burner properties of Sbody that block fats and carbohydrates in stubborn areas of the body. The combination of these natural slimming products helps to boost their effects respectively. Take two capsules of Puri Cleanx daily after lunch for a month followed by two capsules of Sbody after lunch for at least three months.

This process works best because cleansing the body first via good detox dietary supplements enables the body to prepare for diet pills. These cleanse the body of harmful radicals that may hinder the effectivity of weight loss pills, and improves digestion and metabolism to boost burning of fats and calories. For best results, add regular exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle too.

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