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Let these eating habits and dietary supplements help you lose weight

Ever dreamed to lose belly fat? Ever thought of having a slimmer, healthier body? Did you know that you can achieve these? All you need are the right eating habits, accompanied by dietary supplements, and your fitness dreams can come true.

People who have successfully achieved their dream body have one thing in common; good eating habits. And this, along with dietary supplements has made their dream of having a healthier body, possible. You too can be successful in achieving fat loss. Know how they did it with our list of eating habits you should consider for an effective fat burner!

  • Stick to the same daily menu

Fit people enjoy having the same type of food every day. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean they eat exactly the same food for every meal, they have about 3-4 choices for what they can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way, there is a lesser effort to track down calorie intake, and since they’ve proven their eating habits to be an effective fat loss, why look for something else?

One of the important diet tips from the experts is that a good diet is all about a balanced eating habit, not a matter of obsession or control.

  • Drink water

Skip that soda, skip that iced tea. Drink water.

You probably know by now that drinking water helps your body in many ways. Not getting enough of it can force your body to slow down the metabolism process, making you more prone to gaining weight.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8 to 12 glasses a day, or more if you are exercising.

  • Eat small but often

A study was conducted in the New England Journal of Medicine where people who ate 6 small meals a day for 12 days had lower stress hormone cortisol levels than those who ate 3 heavy meals with the same amount of calories. Cortisol is what helps the body use sugar and fat for energy, and also helps your body manage stress. The cortisol level increases when you go over 3 hours without eating.

When your body gets used to eating small, frequent meals, it is able to keep cortisol levels low that helps men and women lose belly fat.

  • Eat your favourite foods carefully

Fit, healthy people, though they consume almost the same types of food for their everyday meal, also indulge in some of their favourites once in a while.

They know that eliminating their favourite foods forever cannot be of help forever, they make it a point to be able to consume them once in a while. Remember, not on a daily basis, just once in a while. Doing this would refrain them from over-eating the food since they know it will not be the last time they’ll ever see it again.

Celebrate having your body at its healthiest state when you pair up these healthy eating habits with taking dietary supplements. To start off, you should take a diet pill like Total Image Puri Cleanx that eliminates toxins from the body, improves your metabolism and your body’s natural ability to lose weight. A detox tea like the Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea will work wonders in your body and will cleanse it, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. A natural detox, the Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea has 5 natural ingredients to detoxify the body and help you achieve a slimmer appearance.


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