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Introducing one of the best Detox Products in Malaysia

Detox and cleansing has been a trend for health and fitness buffs. This habit is considered as part of a beauty regimen, toning muscles or weight reduction. Both local and international celebrities embrace detox diet and beauty supplements to maintain a healthier body and youthful skin. There are many detox products found in Malaysia that helps to cleanse toxins, but there are only a few that targets specific health problems such as stress, lethargy, constipation, bloated stomach, indigestion and gaining weight easily.

One of the best herbal detox supplements in Malaysia is Total Image Xlim Dutox. It is voted as the best for six years (2009-2014) for its outstanding performance in Watsons. This detox remedy is a slimming and beauty supplement which has its own weight reduction formula that aids to restrict fats absorption, reduce sugar absorption, restrict fat formation, speed up fat burning, and promotes fat dispelling aside from eliminating toxins inside the body.

Detox products:  Cleansing your body system

Total Image Xlim Dutox cleanse through eliminating the toxins in the large intestines, liver, pancreas, mouth, urinary tract, respiratory system, skin, and blood. It helps promote good metabolism and eases feces excretion. Being one of the best detox products in Malaysia, it helps cleanse and excrete not only toxins but also probable harmful elements such as bacteria and germs.

Detox products: Aiding your weight loss

Losing weight becomes much easier when the body is clean and healthy. A detox diet involves a healthy lifestyle via healthy, balanced food and regular exercise. Being healthy means that the body system is functioning normally. Fat, carbohydrate, and sugar are absorbed normally and is not blocking or harming your over all digestion and metabolism. Total Image Xlim Dutox does all this plus blocks and dispels fast during defecation which will surely help aid one’s weight loss goals.

Detox products:   Kick-starting you to a healthy lifestyle

With all the cleansing and fat blocking from one of the best detox products in Malaysia, the body is now prepared for a fresh start. With a clean and protected body system, one must aim to live healthy as much as possible. A detox remedy is the best way to live life with little worries on health as we continue to live in an environment full of free radicals.

Take 2 capsules of Total Image Xlim Dutox daily after lunch. It is a very safe detox supplement that has been approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health. It is certified Halal by Jakim and also GMP and HACCP certified. It is sold for only RM55 for a bottle of 60 capsules to help both men and women achieve the radiant skin, slim and healthy body everybody has been aiming.

For more information on Total Image Xlim Dutox, please click here.

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  1. shalini says:

    Where can i get this product?

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi Shalini,
      You can get it from Watsons or directly from our e-store:

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