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The importance of collagen supplements in our body

There are many beauty supplements in Malaysia that claim to make your skin look younger and beautiful. Most of these come in the form of collagen supplements. Some brands offer collagen supplements in the form of beauty drinks while some as skin collagen in the form of pills or tablets.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body. It is often referred as the “glue” that holds the body together as it keeps your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and skin through the 25-30% collagen content in fibrous tissues. The importance of collagen is clearly seen in the skin because 90% of proteins in skin are made of collagen. It keeps the skin firm, strong and elastic. However, as we age, collagen production in the body will deteriorate hence, signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and eye bags are seen. Taking collagen supplements will help to restore and rebuild collagen in the body, making this beauty supplement well sought after.

Awarded several times as the best beauty supplement by Guardian and best collagen supplement by Watsons, Total Image Collagen has been trusted for more than 24 years to provide visible skin collagen benefits. Comes in pink packaging, it is made from pure collagen through hydrolysed process which has smaller molecules for faster penetration into skin cells. This gives you optimum results within a short time, making skin younger looking, firmer, smoother and softer with glowing radiance. This collagen supplement is recommended for those aged 25 years and above.

Total Image Collagen Plus is added with Vitamin C and E to help in collagen production by the body and protect skin cells from free radical damage. Comes in orange packaging, Total Image Collagen Plus is also made from pure collagen through hydrolysed process. This collagen supplement is recommended for those aged 35 years and above for increased skin protection.

For both Total Image collagen supplements, simply take 2 tablets daily before breakfast and see improvements on skin texture within 2 months. Total Image Collagen and Total Image Collagen Plus are made in the USA and certified HALAL by ISLAMIC SERVICES OF AMERICA in USA to be safe for consumption by Muslims. They are also suitable for men & women. Both collagen supplements are registered and approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health to be safe for consumption.

Total Image now offers a promotion of Collagen 80s Twin Pack FREE Collagen Plus 20s for only RM199.
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2 thoughts on “The importance of collagen supplements in our body

  1. Syam says:

    Can i take collagen tablet and collegen drink at the same time,morning i take tablet and night i take collagen drink

    1. Mei Mei says:

      Hi Syam, can, no problem.

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