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How UV exposure can ruin your skin whitening goals

This hot season, being out under the sun has always been fun – not until it causes damage to our perfect skin. Sometimes, we enjoy the sun too much and we forget that too much UV exposure can have drastic effects on our body, especially on preserving the natural beauty of our white skin.

As you all probably know, ultraviolet (UV) rays come from the sun and it can do all sorts of harm to your skin. Destructive UV rays act like little laser beams that penetrate your skin and wreak havoc to your cells. Overexposure to UV rays triggers the melanin production that causes dark spots and wrinkles to appear, hindering the skin whitening process. Additionally, the increase in skin pigment, called melanin, which causes the tan color change in your skin is actually an indication of damage to your natural skin care.

Now that we know the damaging effects of UV rays, this question surfaces: How can I protect my skin like a pro? While you can’t really undo damage, you can take these beauty skin care steps to skin whitening:

  1. Look for broad spectrum sunscreen.

Of course, wearing sunscreen is always a given once you’re out in the sun, and you should always lather up even when the weather is cloudy or rainy. But if you’re going to choose a sun protection, you might as well choose a formula that can work double duty and help ease some of your skin whitening issues as well. There are a lot of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing skin care products for sun protection available in the market.

  1. Avoid the afternoon sun.

It’s between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon where the sun is most damaging. Certainly, your skin also needs a dose of Vitamin D which you can actually get from healthy sunlight. Just don’t stay too long out there, and try your best to avoid these times of the day.

  1. Fight UV rays from the inside too.

Although sunscreen ensures sun protection on the outer layer of your skin or epidermis, it is also necessary to protect your skin from the inside. You can consider taking glutathione supplements that helps in inhibiting melanin production so that pigmented skin cells will be sloughed off, giving way to new cells with much lesser pigments. Total Image Whita Glo L-Glutathione is a glutathione supplement for skin bleaching that triggers production of less pigmented cells that gives your skin a lighter, more even skin tone.

You don’t have to totally avoid the sun to attain your skin whitening goals, just give your skin the protection it deserves and you will definitely achieve that perfect, glowing skin that is to die for.

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