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Know how using a natural deodorant and consuming these foods can affect your body odour

Every one of us is born with natural beauty – great skin, fast metabolism and less stinky smell. But having skin problems, dealing with bad odour and weight issues are all part of ageing. Thankfully, with the use of skin care products, natural deodorant and an effective work-out routine, we can maintain our natural beauty despite the factors that can affect it.

When it comes to body odour though, did you know that different types of food we consume play a role on the smell we emit? In fact, here are 5 foods that contribute to the body odour we release.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage can affect the odour in our body. This is because these vegetables have sulphur which the body absorbs and secretes through sweat. About an hour after consuming any of these vegetables, you can already feel – or smell the effect through your body odour.

These vegetables are healthy which is why it’s not advisable to avoid them. To continue consuming these them and not have to face the smelly after-effect, you can parboil them in water with a few droplets of sea salt. This way, you can retain the healthy benefits these foods produce without the bad odour chemicals in it.


Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are essential health supplement in reducing the risk of heart diseases and help in brain function. This is the reason why fish is one of the healthiest foods we can consume. But despite its healthy contributions, it has choline – a part of the B-complex vitamin family that produces a fishy smell.

Similar with cruciferous vegetables, choline from fish is secreted through the body’s sweat. And after one consumes fish, that person may emit choline a day after, minimising the natural deodorant he/she has.

Red meat

Red meat has amino acids that leave a residue during digestion. These amino acids are then mixed with the bacteria on your skin when you sweat, therefore magnifying your body odour.  This is actually difficult to avoid since red meat is hard to digest, causing your body to excrete more perspiration.

Junk foods

The sugar content of junk foods or processed foods is said to affect the perspiration of people when it is combined with the bacteria present on skin – resulting in the presence of bad odour in the body.

Chlorophyll which acts as deodorizer and cleanser in the body which is not present in junk foods also affects the body odour we secrete.

Low-carb diet

The absence of carbs on low-carb diet causes the production of ketones which are acidic smelly compounds. This is why some people who are on a low-carb diet usually find themselves smelling like ammonia or eggs. You can minimise the effect of foul body odour by keeping yourself hydrated or finding a more balanced diet.

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