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Healthy habits in keeping your collagen for skin to look young

Collagen is a protein that our cells produce to strengthen our skin. A high collagen level keeps our skin smooth and plump. As collagen level decreases, the firmness of the skin is lost and wrinkles and fine lines start to appear.


Collagen for skin is regenerated when you’re younger, making it easy for you to have a smooth complexion. But as you age, wrinkles and dark spots start to show because of bad skin habits and exposure to sun. When this starts to happen, some of you might feel like your skin care products are not giving you enough for your beauty skin care. But no need to worry because we are giving you 5 healthy habits to keep the collagen for your skin on a healthy production to maintain a young and vibrant skin.


1. Increase Vitamin C intake

A study found in the American Journal of Nutrition says that women over 40 that have the highest amount of vitamin C in their diet are more likely to have less wrinkles than those that have lesser intake.

Did you know that without vitamins C, amino acids cannot be linked to form the collagen for skin?

You can increase the levels of collagen for skin by consuming food that have high vitamin C percentage like green leafy vegetables like broccoli and sprouts, kiwi fruit, oranges and tomatoes.


2. Quit smoking

Matrix metalloproteinases are enzymes that are formed when you smoke. This damages collagen which causes the sagging of skin.


3. Be protected from the sun

Too much sun exposure results to the damage of deep collagen structure of the skin.

A fancy hat, umbrella or a sunscreen is a few of the things to keep you protected from the harsh sun light! 


4. Exfoliate

The process of removing a dead layer of skin, or what is also known as exfoliation, increases the process of collagen and new skin regeneration.

Exfoliate with glycolic acid or lactic acid, chemical exfoliants that destroys the dead skin cells bond to the surface of the skin, rather than just shedding it, making it more even, leaving your skin smoother and healthier.


5. Decrease sweets intake

Too much sugar intake causes glycation, a premature ageing of the skin, where in the excess sugar in your blood goes together with proteins (especially collagen), lipids, and nucleic acid to form “AGEs” that makes the ageing process faster, eventually causing wrinkles to appear sooner.


We’re pretty sure you’re all aware that we are all ageing. And that eventually, wrinkles will come naturally as we grow older. Decreased levels of collagen in the skin may result to some people looking older than their age.


You may try the anti-ageing supplements and collagen supplements available in the market. But finding the right one is crucial in achieving the perfect skin!


Consider taking Total Image Collagen Drink, it is a collagen drink that is also considered a health supplement because of the natural herbs it contains that help keep skin looking young, smooth and firm. It lightens pigmentations, promotes healthier, more radiant skin and moisturizes skin, just some of the collagen benefits you can achieve when you take Total Image Collagen Drink.


Taking Total Image Collagen Drink and these healthy habits will make you waking up to a healthier, younger looking skin in no time!

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