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Health supplements to strengthen your hair

Hair fall and hair loss have been big natural beauty issues for both men and women. Some solutions such as wearing wigs can be a hassle and applying creams and other chemicals into your scalp can even make the situation worse in the long run. Thankfully, there are many health supplements now that can help strengthen the hair and ensure its natural growth process.

There are many health supplements now that can help strengthen the hair and ensure its natural growth process.

Total Image offers a wide range of beauty and health supplements that actually have hidden benefits for the hair such as Collagen, Sheep Placenta and Apple Stem Cell drink. Yes, these products may be famous dietary supplements for skin improvement and anti-ageing benefits, but these vitamins are also good health supplements for your hair health because the scalp root is basically skin. Thus a healthy scalp means healthy hair growth. The hair you actually feel and comb is already somewhat dead. Only the hair follicles in the skin layers of the scalp that are alive will determine if the hair that grows out is healthy or not. This is why we can still differentiate between damaged hair and healthy, strong hair physiologically.

♥ Collagen supplements improve hair strength internally which is great because as mentioned before, hair externally is already somewhat dead. The collagen protein is responsible for holding together 30% of the protein in the body, and 70% of that is skin! Collagen benefits are numerous, mainly because it is part of our natural body production and only starts to deplete when we get older at around the age of 25.

♥ Sheep Placenta is another health supplement for skin which internally improves hair growth because it supplies all the nutrients to help it stay moisturized and at the same time, repair damaged skin cells which makes the hair last longer and shine.

♥ Apple stem cell products regenerate and rejuvenate dead skin cells. It optimizes the life of the hair by strengthening it with new and improved cells from root to tips.


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