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Health Supplements In Your Weight Loss Dreams

Are you not happy with the fat loss results you’re seeing or not seeing at all?

Getting rid of fats and having a healthy body don’t happen overnight. Studies show that taking baby steps to achieve your body goals is more effective than engaging in an insanely rigorous workout that you wouldn’t eventually continue because it is too difficult.

Health supplements are your best friends. But did you know that it is easier and more effective to combine taking dietary supplements with exercise and eating healthy than trying to lose weight without exercise? Balance is always the key. So if you are already taking health supplements and at the same time following an exercise, what we will share with you later in this article is bonus info on how to keep you stay fit and healthy!

To have a more effective weight loss and for you to be happier with your fat loss results, try to adapt the following and see how it will change your fat loss, your body and your health!

1. Keep a food log

Keeping a food log where you put in the time and food you eat will help you stay on track on the calories you intake for a day. Religiously doing this food log will also make you aware of your eating habits; if you stress eat, binge on the same kind of food on weekends, skip meals, etc. This way, it will be easier for you to know which part of your eating habits should change for a more effective fat loss and healthier body.

2. Get moving through commercials

Do you love watching TV? While you’re waiting for your favourite show to come back from commercial, it would be an effective fat burner to do little exercises like going up and down the stairs or running in place during those long and frequent commercial breaks. Doing anything that will make your heart pumping will get you a step closer to having your body goals.

3. Limit indulging in high-fat foods

One common diet tip experts will tell you is to limit your intake of high-fat foods. You don’t need to let go of all of them at the same time. If you’re used to eating your favourite foods like ice cream, candies, cookies, fries or potato chips 5 to 6 times a week, you can start your detox diet by limiting yourself to eat less of that until you consume not more than one or two in a week. Remember that gradual change is always better than sudden, abrupt ones.

4. Choose to go up a level higher in stairs

If you have the choice to go up a building without using the lift, always try to do so. Are you aware that a two to three minute climb up the stairs a day can burn calories that normally cause 1 to 2 pounds of annual weight gain in most people? You can always start with just a couple of levels a day then eventually add up 3 more levels during your daily climb!


Like what we said, health supplements like Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea and Total Image Fastloss Drink are your best friends! Taking in a detox tea like Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea will work wonders in your body by cleansing it while achieving a slimmer body. Made from 5 herbal ingredients, this natural detox is what your body needs for your detox diet. Total Image Fastloss Drink is made for an overall weight reduction while nourishing your body with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy while shedding those fats!


2 thoughts on “Health Supplements In Your Weight Loss Dreams

  1. Jackie says:

    Hi I have just started taking fast loss drink, your instructions say take one or two bottles daily 39 minutes after breakfast. Do you mean take two bottols together ? Or take one after breakfast and one bottle after lunch ? Please advise.

    Thank you

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi Jackie,
      You can take both bottles together after breakfast or lunch.

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