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Goodbye old skin and hello to the new!

Collagen is crucial to get rid of the age of our skin! Our body is constantly creating new collagen to repair our damaged skin cell. However, when you have reached a certain age, the collagen production in our bodily system begins to fizzle out. Besides, the quality of collagen for skin isn’t as excellent as in the past!

A proper lifestyle is important when it comes to keeping the skin healthy and radiant. All the food we eat and the things we do are strongly affecting the conditions of our skin. Are you aware? Here are a few tips for you:

Eat the right food for bouncier skin

Whenever it comes to maintaining a good complexion, a healthy diet is never out of the list. Taking collagen supplement could be an alternative to achieve perfect skin, yet eating the right food is the most natural and healthy way to boost the collagen for skin. It’s time to rev up the collagen production for your damaged skin!

Sweet potatoes and carrots are rich in Vitamin A, helps to regenerate and restore damaged collagen. You can even consume soy as an anti-aging supplement, whether sources from tofu, cheese or soy milk. It blocks the enzyme of skin-aging and prompts the collagen benefits in the body. Having a perfect skin is not all about lotions and potions, experts believe diet is as important.

Add up H2O to the skin

The secret behind those celebrities’ always camera-ready, supple and perfect skin, is to drink more water. For radiant skin, drinking water is certainly essential to flush away skin toxins and increase skin elasticity, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Unlike the pricey anti-aging treatments, water is totally free to keep your skin well-hydrated and glowing. If you ever wanted a younger-looking skin, you’ll have to start chugging more water now!

Try a potent collagen supplement

Collagen benefits your skin more than you can ever imagine! Total Image Collagen Plus is the perfect collagen supplement for you to maintain your natural beauty at any age. Albeit beauty skin care is vital to perfect skin, any other collagen supplement or collagen drink can be useful to achieve a flawless and ageless complexion. When you think of getting an anti-aging supplement, consider Total Image Collagen Plus to retain a youthful skin!

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