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Good Bye Dry Skin, Hello Radiance & Youthfulness!

Dry skin is very common among Malaysians, especially in this hot tropical weather and the prolonged exposure to cold air from the air conditioners. Typically, dry skin is a condition that causes small fine flakes, cracking on the surface of the skin, dry patches and even redness. Dry skin can also cause oily skin and wrinkles as well. It is hard to resist scratching because dry skin also causes itchiness. Dry skin happens due to lack of water in the epidermis layer of the skin and is common for men and women of all ages, especially elderly individuals due to the reduced amounts of natural skin oils, lubricants and components that hold water in their skin layer as they grow older. Individuals who has the history of eczema are also more prone to dry skin. Other skin dryness cases may be caused by infections or wounds and recovering rashes.



Environment, weather and climates, including humidity and temperature can also affect the moisture retention and dehydrate the skin.  But don’t forget, our own actions and skincare routines can be one of the factors of skin dryness. Just like excessive bathing, washing and showering with soaps. Although it seems like we are adding water to the skin when we bath, the water easily evaporated after each session and the scrubbing of soaps removes skin’s natural oil, causing dry skin. If you feel your skin is overly tighten after showering, chances are your skin may be losing excess water and natural skin oils. Other factors include the usage of skincare products that may not be suitable for your skin and some medications may cause the side effect or allergies of dry skin as well. Even the materials of your clothing can cause dry skin, like wool and fleece. Because dry skin is so common, many would try to find the solutions, from home remedies to over-the-counter ointments but how effective and long lasting are these solutions?

We all have our very own daily beauty routines. Applying creams over faces each day and night may help the skin on the outside but how about supplements you can take for a healthier skin from the inside? Hydra Glow from TOTAL IMAGE, is a powdered beauty drink with Viqua® Pomegranate extract and collagen tripeptide that is clinically proven to help replenish up to 40% of your skin’s hydration and relieve dry skin. This supplement is able to restore dehydrated skin from the inside, where all the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and delivered to the skin. Specially patented, the Viqua® Pomegranate extract from Spain is formulated to rejuvenate and whiten skin complexion as well as to decrease the intensity of dark spots, reduce blemishes, smoothen wrinkles and improve skin hydration effectively. Plus, the added collagen tripeptide in Hydra Glow can also help increase skin elasticity and suppleness, reduces the signs of premature aging and ideal to help you fight free radicals that are harmful for skin.



Hydra Glow comes in powder form and each box contained 30 sachets with delicious Pomegranate and Blueberry flavour, convenient and perfect for active individuals on the go. Hydra Glow is safe to drink, low in calorie and with no sugar added so it is not just easy to take this supplement but each sachet is optimised to reap the benefits, inside out. Just take one sachet daily and for better results, 2 sachets per day are recommended. Mix with 50ml of water or you can even pour the powder directly into your mouth.  For a more radiant and younger looking skin in within 28 days, try Hydra Glow now!

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