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5 Foods That Enrich Collagen For Skin

Beauty skin care is actually harder than it seems. It takes a long time to achieve a man’s or a woman’s desired complexion, texture, and firmness plus it is all relative to the individual on how satisfied they are with the results. Using beauty products is a big help but the ingredients may only work externally. If you want to bring back the youthful glow of your skin, ageing treatment should also be done internally.

Here are the top five foods you can eat for natural skin care and to help replenish the loss of collagen when ageing signs start to develop:


Collagen for Skin Food #1: Carrots

Carrots are basically everywhere, they are known to be a helpful vegetable to improve eyesight because of its beta-carotene content, but it is also rich in Vitamin A which helps in restoring and regenerating the depletion of collagen in the body.


Collagen for Skin Food #2: Tomato

Who said tomatoes are only good for the heart because of its Omega-3? It is actually also known for Lycopene. It helps improve skin complexion as it is an effective and natural SPF, protecting you from the damaging sun rays! Lycopene also boosts collagen levels in your body.


Collagen for Skin Food #3: Garlic

This is another common food in our kitchen that we didn’t expect to have collagen benefits. Garlic, as a natural beauty ingredient, repairs damaged collagen with its Lipoic acid and taurine nutrients plus produces more collagen with its sulfur content. Adding more garlic in one’s daily diet can indeed increase the levels of collagen for skin.


Collagen for Skin Food #4: Fish

Fish is considered the healthiest food in terms of meat referring to “animal flesh”. It provides more nutrients than calories and at the same time makes body cells healthier. When the cells are healthy, the structure of the skin (collagen) is well-supported.


Collagen for Skin Food #5: Spinach

Spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables help activate anti-oxidants that help protect the body against harmful and free radicals. These free radicals often are the reason why collagen depletes faster.


Add these top five foods that replenish or repair collagen and boost your natural beauty with collagen supplements to get the perfect skin that you will be satisfied for long-term! Try Total Image Collagen 80s and Total Image Collagen Plus 60s for firmer, younger-looking skin!

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