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Fight off body odour with these tips

In a country like Malaysia where humidity is an everyday factor you need to deal with, you might have to take a little extra effort to keep body odour at bay.

While we are all born with natural beauty, there are a lot of factors that can affect it as we grow up. And having a stinky smell which your body releases is one thing that keeps you from feeling beautiful and confident. Heat, pollution and dirt are just some of what makes you prone to body odour. And despite taking a shower at least once a day, some days you need to do more than the usual to keep yourself feeling fresh and clean.

Here we’ve rounded up some tips to keep body odour out of reach!

Towel off completely

After you’ve showered make sure to dry yourself off completely as bacteria which causes body odour can grow faster in moist areas. So before you put on your clothes, take some time to be completely dry!

Apply natural deodorant

Using a natural deodorant can also act as your natural skin care product since it is made up of ingredients that are not harmful to your skin. Total Image Smelly-No-More deodorant spray with natural mineral salts not only helps you fight body odour but also helps fight skin darkening.

Change your diet

The food that you intake plays a role in the odour that your body emits. Keep in mind that some food especially spices can cause body odour. While the usual culprits are garlic and onions, some caffeinated drinks are also to blame. You may want to lessen the intake of these foods to minimise body odour.

Consider a natural detox

Toxins, stress and other physical factors cause your body to release an unpleasant smell. Another way to relieve you off this is by undergoing a natural detox.  Aside from various cleansing routines you can follow, there are also detox foods which you can incorporate into your diet.

Wear clothes made of natural fibres

Clothes with natural fibres are made of cotton or silk. These types of clothing are breathable, letting the air flow freely on your skin’s surface, helping it to stay dry and free from sweat.

Follow these tips and bid goodbye to body odour. Purchase Total Image Smelly-No-More Deodorant Spray, a skin care product which helps you stay fresh and odour free. This crystal deodorant has natural ingredients and is also a supplement for skin which makes it effective not just in your underarms but other parts of the body as well.

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