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Fight body odour with these useful tips

Staying fresh all day is not an easy task, especially for people who are dealing with body odour.

Body odour is everyone’s worst enemy. It can easily ruin a date, make you feel embarrassed and lose your natural beauty. While there are certain activities that can cause body odour – such as working out, playing sports or doing any strenuous activities, there are also things you should consider to make sure you keep away from this unpleasant problem!

Stay squeaky clean

Shower at least once a day to wash away sweat and bacteria. Showering helps you stay fresh and clean! Body odour caused by bacteria that have been accumulated to parts of your body such as underarms, joints, feet and other problem areas.  Sweat is what triggers the bacteria that causes body odour.

Make sure to thoroughly wash your body especially the parts that are more prone to sweat. You can also use body wash to make it a more refreshing and sweeter shower time!

Wear breathable fabrics

We know how fashion is important for people who love to dress up but aside from the latest trends, you also have to keep in mind the types of fabric you wear. Fabrics made of silk, cotton and wool are breathable ones that can prevent sweat and body odour compared to spandex and or rayon. If you’re choosing your workout clothes, buy those that are moisture-absorbing materials.

Shave your underarms

Moist and warm environments attract bacteria, therefore causing underarms more prone to body odour. It’s best to shave underarm hair for a fresher and cleaner feeling. You should also wash your underarms and change clothes after partaking in any physical activity!

Apply natural deodorant

After showering, apply a natural deodorant like the Total Image Smelly-No-More. This crystal deodorant helps you smelling fresh and odour-free the whole day! It is a personal care product made with natural ingredients with no aluminium chlorohydrate, thus it does not darken your underarms and protects your perfect skin! You can apply this not just on your underarms, but also behind the knees, neck and feet. Another reason why you should choose this personal care product is that, it is non-sticky and non-greasy. What’s more? It does not stain your clothes and it is hypo-allergenic!

Fight body odour and keep yourself feeling fresh and clean by following these useful tips. Opt for natural personal care product, Total Image Smelly-No-More!


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