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Fight body odour with these simple steps

Body odour is anyone’s worst enemy. It can ruin your chances with someone, make your self-esteem low and others can make fun of you because of this.

Many, if not all might agree that personal hygiene is as important as keeping yourself presentable. Making sure you practice proper hygiene is almost the same as keeping your eyebrows on fleek! So how do you fight body odour?

A lot of people think that sweat is what makes you stink, but it’s not, bacteria is the culprit. Sweat is odourless. What makes foul odour is the bacteria that have accumulated to the parts where you sweat a lot.

But body odour, like many other issues, can be prevented. Read on as we give you exactly what you need to keep body odour away from you.

1. Keep your underarms dry

Bacteria tend to stay on body parts that are not dry. So make sure to keep your underarms dry to keep bacteria away as possible. You can bring with you a small hand towel to dry your underarms.

2. Make sure to wash your workout clothes before wearing again

If your number one cause of body odour is from sweating when you are working out, wash your workout clothes each time after your workout session. Gym clothes are bacteria’s happy place and they can breed easily from them.

3. Change your diet

Foods that are fatty, oily and have a strong smell like onion, garlic and curry can sometimes be the reason why you are smelly. These foods can seep through your skin which can cause body odour.


Apply these simple steps to make sure you don’t stink. You may also use crystal deodorant like Total Image Smelly-No-More that forbids the growth of bacteria at body areas applied such as your underarms, neck, behind the knees and feet. Total Image Smelly-No-More is a natural deodorant because it is made up of pure and natural mineral salts. It doesn’t darken the skin which is also a good skin care product that not only prevents body odour, but helps you maintain your perfect skin.

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