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Fat burning habits to achieve your dream body

If you ever look into the mirror wondering you are out of shape, it is time for you rev up the spirit for a fat loss routine. So, how do you lose weight? People always believe in exercising as the natural fat burner. Indeed. However, it isn’t true to believe in the myth to lose weight without exercise. Experts discover the nature of exercising is to optimise the overall health, instead of solely losing weight. In fact, a successful fat loss regime contributes to 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise.

Avoid sugary drinks and drink only water

The sugary beverages are the reasons of your failed fat loss plans – fruit smoothie, energy drink or a light beer have an excess amount of calories that are puffing you out. If you are on a diet, do not even assume drinking high-calorie beverages can replace solid food to refrain you from feeling hungry. In fact, it is the other way round – sugary drinks will make you crave to eat more. Therefore, drink water which has zero calories as a fat burner for you than sweetened beverages. If it’s boring for you, add mint leaves or lemon wedges into your drink.

Say no to carbs and eat more protein

If you’re keen to lose belly fat, you should cut down white grain products including white bread and pasta. Experts say carbs are easily digestible, leaving us hungry and are likely to overeat. Avoid carbs will certainly make a difference to your body, another fat burner practice for you. On the other hand, you can replace carbs with eating more proteins. Protein makes you fuller, helps to reduce hunger and has fewer calories. So if you are currently on a grain-based diet, consider switching it to protein for fat loss.

Consume a slimming product

Diet pills and dietary supplements are everywhere for you to choose from. You can always rely on Total Image Fastloss Drink as a fat burner in achieving that hourglass body. This clinically proven and natural drink is certainly the saviour for you to achieve your body goal. Do you want to shape up your buttock, reduce your waistline and firm up the thighs? Why not try the award-winning slimming product? Shake well and consume one or two bottles daily 30 minutes after breakfast. Now you can lose weight easily without constraining your food intake, isn’t that great?

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