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Fat burner habits you need to avoid holiday weight gain

The holiday season is all about celebrating with the ones dear to you. But once this is over, we will face the harsh reality that some of us may or may not have been cautious with our food choices. In line with this, we’ve put together a list of fat burner habits to avoid holiday weight gain and say hello to a healthier you just in time for the New Year!

Don’t “save your appetite” for the celebration

Some people “save their appetite” and don’t eat much or at all during the day so that they can enjoy the feast later at night. But doing so can lead to binge-eating and won’t help you lose belly fat! What you should do instead is choose a protein-filled breakfast food with banana, cereals, egg, cheese or yogurt that can keep you full throughout the day and will prevent you from eating too much later on.

Eat high-liquid fruits

We know that celebrations during this holiday season don’t just happen once and it will really be difficult to achieve fat loss. To avoid feeling bloated after a night of unlimited food options, mix up high-liquid fruits such as watermelon and honeydew and make a delicious smoothie. Add some vanilla yogurt and lime juice for a refreshing feeling. This also helps flush out toxins you’ve accumulated from the non-stop eating!

Say no to added sugar

Cookies, cakes and pies taste better during the holidays because there’s a reason for a celebration. But remember that these desserts add a great risk for obesity and other cardiovascular diseases. It’s better to snack on food with sugar that comes in a natural form like fruits, whole grains and vegetables. You can still grab and enjoy your favourite desserts by taking a few bites.

Go easy on alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is a great source of calories and is one of your greatest enemies that will not help with your fat burner goals. A 12-ounce beer packs 150 calories while a 3.5 ounce of glass of wine has 85 calories. It doesn’t stop there; margaritas even have a higher calorie count, so does cocktails! Bottom line: Stick with water.

Keep proportions small

Make proportions small to avoid over-eating! You can use smaller plates like a salad plate which is normally about 8 or 9 inches in diameter. This helps your brain to visualize just how much food you should have – therefore preventing over-stuffing yourself.

Take fat burner pills

Made especially to help with fat loss, diet pills are popular slimming products that are readily available in the market. Total Image S Body, for example is a dietary supplement that targets stubborn fats in problem areas. It accelerates calorie and fat burning while nourishing without causing tiredness. Another weight loss pills you can consider is Total Image Xlim Tummy made with natural ingredients that help detoxify the body and increase its metabolic rate.

You can’t exactly lose weight without exercise so be sure to squeeze in event short but effective morning exercises while you can. Achieve your dream body when you take note of these habits and choose the best slimming product for you!

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