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Fat burner activities you can do outside the gym

Going to the gym is not something everyone is willing to do. But if you really want to lose belly fat but don’t want to be confined to the four corners of the gym, there’s still hope because there are numerous other fat burner activities you can do somewhere else!

So for everyone who doesn’t feel like sparing a big amount of their pay check for a gym membership, we’ve listed down fat burner activities you can do at home or outdoors for a more enjoyable way for fat loss!


Running and walking are two activities that are helpful for people who want to shed some weight. These are great fat burner activities which can be done moderately, without pushing yourself too much, just like in the gym.

You can start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking your dog in the morning or simply choose to walk when you’re going somewhere close to home. Aside from being effective fat loss activities, walking and running can help promote your metabolism and reduce the risks of health problems like strokes, heart disease, colon cancer, breast cancer and diabetes.


Do you like sports? Why not try and play volleyball? Aside from being a great fat burner activity, playing volleyball is a full body workout which targets your shoulders, arms, abs, and legs. It is a great activity that helps burn calories without feeling like you’re exercising. It is fun, exciting and can help you achieve your fat loss goals! You can even burn calories faster when you play volleyball in the sand!


Do you ever wonder why people enjoy cycling so much? Well, aside from being environmental-friendly, it helps reduce belly fat and tones muscles in the lower part of your body. Cycling also helps make your lungs work harder. Why not go biking in your neighbourhood park, in the city or in new places?


Swimming can offer you more than just to cool off in an extra sunny day. Aside from being a great activity when the weather gets too hot, swimming reduces calories, builds endurance, lowers down your stress level, strengthens your muscles and tones the body! While a number of calories one can burn in swimming depends greatly on the intensity of the activity and their weight, a freestyle swimming every ten minutes can help reduce up to 100 calories for most people.

Doing household chores

If you’re not into the outdoors, don’t worry because you can burn calories right at home! Washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping the floor are all fat burner activities you can do at home. They don’t only help your house look clean and tidy, but they are also effective fat loss activities!

Aside from this fun and exciting fat burner activities, one way to lose belly fat and stay healthy is by taking slimming products. These dietary supplements are safe and will kick-start your journey to a healthier, slimmer you!

Take Total Image S Body twice daily after lunch; this is one of the best slimming products because while it helps you lose weight, it also nourishes your body. These weight loss pills target problem areas like your arms and thighs. Another diet pills for your weight loss dreams is Total Image Puri Cleanx which eliminates toxins in your body, improves metabolism and triggers the natural fat burning process.

Some might think it would be easier to lose weight without exercise, but if you truly want to achieve a healthier and slimmer body, take note of these fat burner activities and slimming products for your fat loss goals!

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