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An effective remedy to body odour: Natural Deodorant

In the past, only natural methods were used for beauty and hygiene. Natural soaps, fragrances, and oils were created to treat personal care problems for both men and women. But as time passes by, natural products were replaced with chemical based formulations at the wake of industrial boom. Many new forms of chemical based products at cheaper costs and convenient usage were developed and commercialized to help solve beauty and hygiene products.

One common personal hygiene problem is excessive sweating. This has been a problem for both men and women as it also leads to body odour problems such as smelly armpits & smelly feet. Body odour problems can lower the self-esteem and confidence of a person.

However, the main cause of body odour is not the excessive sweating. It is actually caused by bacteria present in sweat. These bacteria break down protein in sweat into smelly fatty acids. The growth of bacteria and breakdown process are also triggered by certain types of foods and chemicals that the body seem to be having a hard time absorbing.

Many chemical based body odour solutions have been created but not all solve the actual cause of body odour which is bacteria. Commercial deodorants like anti perspirants target sweat problems by stopping your natural perspiration process which is harmful as our bodies need to naturally sweat to eliminate toxins. Some also work to cover body odour through fragrance. Furthermore, most commercial deodorants use chemicals which may cause irritation, stains and even darken skin. The best way to effectively solve body odour is to go back to the basics that is to use a NATURAL deodorant.

An effective natural deodorant that controls your body odour

Total Image Malaysia created Smelly No More crystal deodorant which is made from natural mineral salts. This natural deodorant inhibits the growth of bacteria in sweat, targeting directly at the real cause of body odour. As a natural deodorant, it does not contain any harmful chemicals, fragrances or alcohol hence suitable for all skin types. Total Image Smelly No More crystal deodorant is not oily or sticky when applied and since it is a natural deodorant, it also does not cause irritation, yellow stains or darken skin.

Simply wet the top surface of Total Image Smelly No More natural crystal deodorant after a bath. Then, apply it at needed areas such as smelly armpits, feet, neck and behind knees. This natural deodorant is available in 60g pack for only RM16.90, which is ideal to bring it wherever you go due to its small size and light weight. This 60g pack is estimated to last for up to 3 months based on twice a day usage. It is also available in 120g pack for RM24.90 which is estimated to last for up to 6 months based on twice a day usage. Put your body odour problem to end with this effective natural deodorant as your remedy today!

For more information on Total Image Smelly No More crystal deodorant, click here.

2 thoughts on “An effective remedy to body odour: Natural Deodorant

  1. hooibee says:

    Please elaborate more info of body odour

    1. Total Image says:

      Hi hooibee,
      Most body odour is caused by bacteria breaking down fatty acids in sweat which creates an unpleasant smell. Sweat in actual fact does not have smell.

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