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Speed up the effect of slimming products with these home remedies

Anyone who’s trying to lose weight without exercise can take months or sometimes even years before they can see results. If exercising is not your cup of tea, to lose belly fat and some extra weight can be a big struggle. But fear not because there are slimming products available in the market which can solve your weight loss problems.

To speed up the effects of your slimming product, we have listed for you home remedies that are great for fat loss!

Get a pen and paper and start listing because your dream body is just a few remedies away!

 1. Snack on some apples

Apples are full of fiber that controls your appetite, which is why it is a good idea to snack on some apples when you feel like eating a less nutritious food near you. They help control your blood sugar level, as well as your energy levels and appetite.

2. Drink a cup of Ginseng

There are different kinds of Ginseng, but for this weight loss remedy, you can use either an American Ginseng or Asian/Korean Ginseng.

Ginseng is known to speed up metabolism but did you know that it also fights fatigue and helps boost energy? These traits are helpful for your fat loss problems, you know why? Because with enough energy, you can finally be able to exercise which makes you a thousand steps closer to reaching your dream body! Studies have shown that Ginseng also helps manage blood sugar which affects the appetite as well.

3. Mix up some Dandelion and Peppermint

Dandelion and peppermint tea are perfect in keeping the liver healthy! The liver does not only detoxify your body naturally, but it also has a key role in a lot of metabolic processes which affects your weight.

Dandelion contains hepatoprotection components which help prevent damage to the liver. Both dandelion and peppermint tea stimulate the production of bile in the liver which helps in digestion and fat absorption. Having these two together makes a very strong protection tea for your liver!

4. Drink the Black Pepper and Lemon Juice duo

Black Pepper is made of piperine, a chemical compound that causes its flavour to taste pungent. A lot of studies have shown that piperine can interfere with the genes that are responsible for the generation of fat cells, the reduction of fat levels in the blood and how much nutrients we absorb from our food. Lemon juice aid in digestion and helps the gastrointestinal in the breakdown of foods that we intake.


For the road to your dream body to start, make sure you choose the right slimming product. And how do you know which is the best slimming product for you? It should contain vitamins and minerals like Total Image Fastloss Drink. It helps you lose weight and slim down while nourishing your body with nutrients. Another slimming product that can help you have a healthier body is Total Image S Body. This slimming product is targeted to fight stubborn fats on problem areas like thighs, flabby arms, etc. It also nourishes your body while helps as fat burner without causing fatigue.

So say no to soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Start replacing them with the home remedies we listed plus take Total Image S Body or drink Total Image Fastloss Drink so you can live healthier and embrace a slimmer body in no time!

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