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Things you need to do every day to keep your natural beauty

Nowadays, you can find a lot of beauty skin care products that promise to give you the perfect skin you’ve been dreaming of. But to be aware which products you will really need, and which of those won’t help you in any way is a challenge. You are bombarded with all these ads on television, in magazines, everywhere in the mall. Can be really confusing, right?

But remember that no matter what you put on your skin, it won’t do any magic if you don’t take care of it through the basic natural beauty 101.

You know what they say; when things seem to be so complicated, go back to basics. And we are giving you the basic things you should be doing to your skin every day.

1.Cleanse your skin

Cleansing may vary in skin type. If you have oily skin, it may be best to do it twice, one in the morning and one in the evening. If your skin is dry, do it only once every day before going to bed.

Cleansing removes the dirt and pollution your skin has absorbed throughout the day. You wouldn’t want to let them stay overnight on your face, do you?

2. Moisturize

Same with cleansing your skin, how often you moisturize depends on your skin type. But most dermatologists suggest doing it at least once a day.

You may put on a light moisturizing cream under your make-up for your usual every day look and save the heavier ones for when you’re about to sleep. Oh, and remember that the skin around your eyes is delicate and can easily get dry and irritated so don’t forget those areas as well!

3. Use SPF

You know how most people use sunblock only when they go swimming? And they do this because they know they will be under the sun for quite some time. But didn’t you know that every time your skin is exposed to the sun, it is at risk?

Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer and early signs of aging. You might be hoarding anti-ageing supplements sooner than you should if you’re exposed to the harsh sun without protection. Use an SPF that is oil-free and light to keep your skin healthy and protected.

4. Drink lots of water

The best and probably the easiest way to keep your skin healthy is by drinking lots of water. You can never have too much of it and the benefits are countless.

You can bring with you even just a small water bottle anywhere you go so you can easily sip some to keep yourself hydrated. Eating water-rich foods are also as effective. Choose from the wide range of fruits and vegetables available. Maybe go eat some watermelon today?

5. Get enough sleep

The benefits of getting enough sleep are endless, and having good skin is definitely part of it. When you are not getting enough time to sleep, your skin is more prone to inflammation and its ability to stay hydrated is lessened, which makes your skin look dull and dry.

Studies say that not using any mobile device an hour before you go to bed helps you sleep faster and better. Try to stay away from watching television as well. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep; you need your beauty rest, ladies!


You were born with natural beauty. It’s your lifestyle and surroundings are what damage it. No matter what you do, you can never run away from ageing. But you can tweak your habits to keep your skin healthy and looking younger

The collagen for skin is important for you skin’s elasticity and strength. And as we age, the collagen production is reduced, which is why collagen supplements play an important role to keep them intact.

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You never have to say good bye to your natural beauty if you follow these habits and take a collagen supplement like Total Image Collagen Plus or Total Image Collagen Drink!


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