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Detox your skin the natural way with Collagen Plus

What you intake mirrors your physical look! Get the glow that you deserve and obtain a perfect skin the natural way.
Have you heard about natural detox? This type of health and beauty regime helps in clearing toxins from your system which does not only affect fat loss, but it can also benefit your skin. If you are planning to do a detox once in a while, wholesome fresh goods and health supplements should be on your list. After all, it is all about maintaining and balancing a healthy life!

Browse more as we list down some of the top foods that can clear your skin as well as the benefits of Collagen Plus for a more pleasing and younger aura.

  1. Dark Berries

These little fruit bombs are antioxidant-rich food that defend your skin from free radicals which are harmful to your skin’s collagen.

To consume dark berries, you can either make a fresh shake or top it fresh with your morning oats. Keep in mind to that you should avoid unnecessary sweeteners as sugar is not friendly to your skin.

  1. Kale

 This green leafy low calorie yet high in fibre vegetable can be your skin’s best friend since it is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin A that promotes cell growth and Vitamin C that gives a hand in collagen production which Collagen Plus can provide to your skin.

Love having salad for lunch? Replace lettuce with kale and toss organic ingredients for a whole new healthy combination.

  1. Avocado

You cannot go wrong with this fruit as it is a good source of Vitamin E which can do wonders for your complexion and can even moisturise your skin from within.

Consider avocado as a snack, slice it, and share the other half to your friend and from that have a mini conversation about skin care product and supplement for skin such as Collagen Plus that works well in achieving an undeniably younger looking skin.

  1. Eggs

It is round and small yet provides selenium, zinc and protein which are favourable to your skin, especially when you want to attain a soft, firm and hydrated one.

You now have a reason to boil and crack one every morning! Take all the essential nutrients that you need and defy the stories of skin aging.

  1. Tomatoes 

Dreaming of a healthy glowing skin? Tomatoes got you covered with its lycopene component which assists in stimulating good skin circulation. Also, this Vitamin C rich fruit can boost your collagen level in a way that it will reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
Due to tomatoes’ taste flexibility, you can prepare your well-cooked meals and add it as a side dish or you can simply devour it fresh like an apple.

Eat your way to a healthier and radiant skin with the listed detox goods! For a better youthful skin feature, take a health supplement like Collagen Plus to protect your skin cells from free radicals. Total Image Collagen Plus is a skin supplement formulated with no added preservatives or chemicals that you can take daily before breakfast. This natural skin care supports your skin through slightly eliminating unwanted signs of skin aging and brings out your natural beauty after taking it religiously.


Stay youthful from within with Collagen Plus!

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