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How a detox diet helps in weight loss

Detox diets are often recommended to those who are losing weight and also building body mass. Detoxifying the body not only cleanses out the toxins but also improves the overall body health which is why detox diet are widely used aside from it being customisable to fit your needs and preferences.

Take for example the new Total Image Puri Cleanx which promotes natural detox with only two capsules daily after meal. It is a good dietary supplement to add in one’s detox diet because it eliminates the toxins in the body and triggers the natural fat burning process largely.

To know more how such product works, we have to know the three basic stages on how a detox diet aids in weight loss— Cleansing, Restarting, and Boosting.



In the cleansing stage, toxins are released in the body through the intestines, liver, blood, and other internal body parts. It is in this stage that you will lose weight without exercise because your body is eliminating stored waste that either makes you bloated and your intestines and colon inflamed through improving bowel movement and as preparation for the next stage. Staying at this stage is only recommended for 1-3 months.



This stage is the turnover for most detox diets as it is in this stage where your body will adapt and restart metabolism, and digestive system fresh and gear up the body system to work better and stronger. Health supplements can be added into this stage to ensure enough nutrients are being absorbed by the body. Detox slim products are also great to start using in this stage as it made to improve metabolism, blood circulation, and the immune system.



The last stage of detox involves fat burning and the use of weight loss pills or diet pills to aid the body’s natural ability to lose weight and absorb nutrients. It is in this stage that exercise is recommended to help tone the body, improve stamina, and boost energy levels. This is the stage where one will effectively lose belly fat and become fit, healthy and stronger.


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