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Daily Habits That Help Prevent Body Odour

We thrive for perfection: perfect skin and perfect appearance. We spend time making our outfits look good but setbacks such as the nasty body odour happen. Despite trying our best to maintain good hygiene and beauty skin care, problems like body odour still arise.

It is a well-known fact that body odour is a nightmare but it’s also a natural thing. There are many causes of body odour and there are many ways to prevent it as well such as the use of natural deodorant to crystal deodorant.

How to reduce body odour? We gathered everyday habits that can help prevent body odour. Make these a habit to be body odour free in no time!

  1. Wear breathable fabrics

If you feel like you emit body odour or you sweat more than usual, you might need to revamp your wardrobe. Fabrics actually contribute to body odour. Opt for breathable fabrics such cotton, silk and wool. These fabrics are naturally derived so it is lighter, airy, and gentle on the skin. Best to stay away from synthetic fabrics like rayon or spandex to prevent body odour.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress is never good for anyone especially when it makes you sweat more that are prone to body odour. Emotional stress triggers sweat glands to secrete fluids that are prone to bacteria causing body odour. Try reducing your stress level for your well-being and hygiene. It’s also a bonus for your beauty skin care. Reducing stress to get rid of body odour and wrinkles can also unleash your natural beauty!

  1. Change your diet

You are what you eat. Seems uncanny but the food you intake can cause body odour. Fatty foods make you sweat more, therefore body odour. Prevention of body odour, best to stay away from fatty foods and spices which have aromas that are carried in your breath and sweat. Scraping these foods from your diet is also great for your health and beauty skin care.

  1. Wash and dry thoroughly

Body odour is also caused by unproperly washed clothes. Not washing and drying correctly creates a nasty smell that transfers to our skin and causes body odour and skin problems like acne and rashes which are bad for your perfect skin. Clothes absorb dirt and pollution we face every day so always wash and dry properly to avoid body odour.

  1. Keep your wardrobe fresh

Keeping your wardrobe fresh is also a great move to prevent body odour. Refrain from wearing the same clothes in a row. Same goes for undergarments and socks. Dirt and bacteria are absorbed by our clothes so it must be washed immediately. Only wear fresh, clean clothes to prevent body odour. Remember that natural beauty not only shows but smells too.

  1. Never forget deodorant

This one is probably the most important of all. Deodorant use is a no-brainer in combating body odour so it is essential to make it a habit and a part of your routine. A dab or a spray a day can really go a long way in preventing body odour. We highly recommend going the good old natural beauty way and use natural deodorant because it is chemical-free which does a better job in preventing body odour. Also, opt for a multi-purpose natural deodorant that can be applied not only to your armpits but to other body parts such as the neck, foot and behind the knees that suffer body odour as well.

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