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Collagen supplements VS collagen creams

It has been a debate for years if collagen supplements are better than collagen creams and how effective they are in comparison. Collagen is known to be a key ingredient for most anti-aging supplements and products which help to moisturise skin texture, reduce wrinkles and promote luminous skin. From our previous articles, we also discussed about the other health benefits of collagen supplements such as improved sleep, healthier immune system, stronger nails and hair. Most of these health benefits are only acquired through internal consumption, as the collagen supplements are broken down inside the body for faster and effective results.

Take for example Total Image Collagen Plus. It has numerous collagen benefits as a supplement compared to commercial collagen creams. It has added Vitamin C and E to activate the body’s internal protection from the harmful rays of the sun and other toxic elements in the environment. ask siri Not all collagen creams have SPF protection which should be a major component of the product, knowing that the sun’s UV rays is the number one cause of ageing.
Total Image Collagen Drink supplement is also better than typical collagen creams mainly because it is easier to maintain and get the effects of collagen. Through drinking, the collagen for skin is absorbed and enhances the body’s natural ability for collagen protein synthesis which allows the body to make the skin look firmer, moisturized, and youthful. It only takes less than a minute to drink a bottle before sleep every other day as opposed to the collagen creams which takes so much time and effort to apply twice a day especially if you have a lot of problem spots.

Collagen supplements work better than collagen creams because the effects are holistically distributed in the body system.

Lastly, Total Image Collagen works better than collagen creams because the effects are holistically distributed in the body system. This means that collagen supplements directly targets the internal depletion in 30% of our body protein and 70% in our skin which results in visible results in a shorter time span. Collagen creams are only effective for external use which makes the effects focused on a single area only, plus it takes a long time to see the effects as it requires discipline of applying regularly.
Supplements for skin may vary in terms of nutrients combined with or the form of intake. But usually, it is better to consume it if it is natural and safe because the effects, collagen, and nutrients are distributed in the whole body. Treating health problems always comes first when treating skin problems. Having a healthy body results in skin radiance and completing your daily dose of collagen every day while slow down the process of ageing.

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